My name is Dave, and I'm an amateur radio operator (WB4IUY) in Central NC. Among other facets of ham radio, I "tinker" and build things a lot. In doing so, I've collected quite a large accumulation of test equipment, parts, and "rainy day projects". Those of you who do the same, know what I'm talking about. In an effort to upgrade my workbench, I've decided to "thin out" my workshop, garage, utility shed, etc. a bit...relieve my shack of surplus items (to make room for more!). I'm still sorting, categorizing, and deciding which items go, so please check back from time to time and see new items that may have been added or itemized.

If you have any questions about the items I have listed, please drop a note to me at wb4iuy@EastRC.org . Please be patient if I don't respond immediately, as my "real" job often keeps me busy for long hours... but I will keep your email and respond soon. Please remember that this _isn't_ a business. I usually ship out in 1-2 days.

[bullet] Antennas, Cable & Antenna Parts ANTENNAS
[bullet] I'm selling a lot of my excess manuals... BOOKS
[bullet] Radios, Crystals, & Repeater Parts REPEATER STUFF
[bullet] Components, Meters, Transformers, & More! COMPONENTS
[bullet] Title says it all... I've got a bunch of computer stuff to clear out. COMPUTER PARTS
[bullet] Crystals, sockets, etc CRYSTALS
[bullet] Packet Radio and Digital Mode items PACKET/DIGITAL
[bullet] Power Supplies & Power Supply Parts POWER SUPPLY STUFF
[bullet] A list of various Radios and Radio-specific parts/boards/modules for sale RADIO STUFF
[bullet] Security cams, recorders, PA Equipment SECURITY/PA
[bullet] Test Equipment and accessories I'm selling TEST EQUIPMENT
[bullet] An up-to-date listing of tubes in my personal collection that I'm selling TUBES
[bullet] Items I'm looking for - WANTED
My Listings on QTH.com
These are all of my current listings on QTH. Be sure to SCROLL DOWN in the listings window to see all items.

EMAIL me at wb4iuy@eastrc.org if you find anything you want.

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Motorcycle Accessories from Scootworks

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