Parts, parts, and more parts...

[bullet] Tube sockets, plate caps, etc...

[bullet] Tube Shields; IERC, twist-on, spring loaded, and puch-on types; most for 7 and 9 pin miniature tubes. $.25 each for std shields, $5 each for IERC types. Drop a note to me with your requirements and I'll check for availablilty.

[bullet] "Hi-power" resistors. These are complete with mounting hardware, insulators, threaded rod inserts, etc.

[bullet] HV rectifiers and rectifier modules.

[bullet] Air variable and compression trimmer caps. I'm in the process of measuring the actual values of these, and will be updating this list from time to time. I'll list the value, any markings that may appear, and may make an occasional comment about the appearance, etc. :

Chassis and Panel Mounted caps...

Miniature Air-Variable caps...

Compression trimmers...

[bullet] Incandescent lamps by the box (10 lamps)... #'s 12ES, 44, 47, 49, 53, 199, 243, 259, 382, 918, 991, 1850, 1892, B1A, PR-06. $5/box.

[bullet] Building something that needs a panel meter?? These are all good pulls. $10 each for any of them. If you want multiples, drop me a note and let's work a deal! This list is up-to-date, and is revised every time a meter is sold.

They're listed as:
Face Shape/Size, Display Range, Movement FS, Quantity           SCROLL DOWN in window to see all meters.

[bullet] Transformers: fils, plate, chokes, modulation, and low level audio. This is what I've itemized so far:

Transformers (power)...

[bullet] HV filter Capacitors: Most are above chassis mount oil-filled types with the securing clamps and hardware. I've run all of these up to rated operating voltages on my HV bench supply to test for internal shorts, leakage, etc. Mfg'd by Sprague, Aerovox, Gudeman, and Micamold. This is what I've itemized so far:

Above chassis mounted caps and hardware...

Surface mounted caps and hardware...

[bullet] Crystal ovens, 6 and 12 volts. $1 each. These are mounted on 8 pin octal bases with a removable metal cover. They can be operated on 6 or 12 volts DC, and are your basic crystal heater (not temperature compensated). Holds 2 crystals. Also, I have 1000's of xtals. I'll categorize those and post them here soon. I have loads of new commercial rocks. What commercial/gmrs/lm/public service frequencies are you in need of??

[bullet] Relays: RF, DC, AC, Time Delay, Coaxial, plate relays, PC mount, octal bases...wide variety of coil voltages.

They're listed as:
Type of Relay; MountType; Coil Voltage; Contact Type; Quantity; Price ea           SCROLL DOWN in window to see all meters.

[bullet] Misc Components and Parts SCROLL DOWN in window to see all items.

[bullet] Heat sinks of many sizes and shapes. Drop a note with what you might need.

EMAIL me at wb4iuy@eastrc.org if you find anything you want.

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