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[bullet] I also collect SB/HW series Heathkit amateur radio gear. If you have any that you wish you dissolve, especially partial/parts units or rigs that seem beyond hope, please drop me a line with a list of what you have. I'm currently in search of a SB-110, and a SB-640. I'm also looking for manuals/copies for a SB-310. I need good faceplates for a SB-101, SB-301, and a SB-401 (and perhaps a SB-500). Any and most all Heathkit parts rigs are on my want list. ...But remember, I LIKE junk rigs, so let's talk about that junker you might have in the closet! Hey, if you like vintage radio, don't forget to ask me about paint!

[bullet] I'm searching for a Hallicrafters SX-42 parts rig, as well as a HT-19 TX in any condition. Does anyone have a R-42 matching speaker??

[bullet] Searching for a junker Yaesu FT-901/902 DM, or a memory module for same.

[bullet] I'm compliling conversion data for any commercial 2-way equipment to the 33 cm (902-928 mhz) amateur band. If you have any info, please contribute. Also looking to communicate with anyone who is operational on 33 cm FM. Remember, use it or loose it!

[bullet] I'm in need of a low-band GE MastrPro mobile RX strip operating on the low split (25-35ish mhz) with the noise blanker option. I'm still experimenting with receivers on my 10 meter repeater and would like to try one of those.

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EMAIL me at wb4iuy@eastrc.org if you find anything you want.

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