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V-Star 650 Parts & Accessories

The V-Star 650 hit the scene, and allowed Yamaha to claim the small cruiser market right away. Great styling and a good factory accessory package made this bike an instant hit. The aftermarket companies thought so, too, and we have lots of parts to proove it!

There's loads of parts and accessories here at Scootworks for your Yamaha V-Star 650, V-Star 650 Custom, and V-Star 650 Classic. Click the links at the top to find the parts you're looking for by brand (Yamaha), search the top window on the left to find Exclusive Scootworks parts for your V-Star 650, search the window on the right to search our Warehouse Inventory for the V-Star 650 model you have, or click the link below to pull up our top selling products for the V-Star 650!

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