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Food & Drinks

Live to Ride- Ride to Eat. That's the bikers motto (at least at Scootworks it is). No motorcycle event is complete without great food to eat and plenty of cold drinks to wash it down with. Scootworks Spring BikeFest '06 was no exception.

Once again Scootworks hosted a Cookout for Life!. We cooked loads of food, and it was the first time we NEVER ran out of food throughout the day. The menu included:

Hot Dogs - Burgers - Bar-B-Que - Baked Beans - Slaw - Salads - Rolls - Bread - Sweet Tea - Soft Drinks - Beer - Cookies - Pie - Cake Slices

We fed EVERYONE from 11am on, right up until shut-down of the event. The only cost to folks was _ANY_ donation to the Relay for Life team that was on site... Great food doesn't get any cheaper than that! All proceeds went to the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life", thanks to the Walking With Wings team of Wake County.

Did someone say BEER? We had some great beer on site from Edenton Brewing Company, a local micro-brewery. We several types of beer including Pale Golden Lager, American Pilsner, nice brown Stout, and a non-alcoholic Root Beer. Edenton Brewing Company brought out an entire mobile beer serving station! Again, all proceeds from Beer donations went to the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life".... Cheers!

NOTE: In addition, several nearby Zebulon area restaurants, including the HoundDawg Cafe, were open during the event to accommodate people interested in foods other than what was supplied by Scootworks for the event.


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