GatorChaps Crashbar Chaps

Scootworks handles GatorChaps brand Crashbar Chaps for select metric motorcycle and crashbar combinations. Crashbar chaps helps keep the rider warmer in winter, dryer in wet weather, and provide no noticable negative effects from wind resistance. These are a cost effective choice and are designed for long life and minimum maintenance.

  • Constructed of durable 0.9mm thick fabric impregnated vinyl.
  • Textured to match leather products commonly found on motorcycles.
  • Synthetic 'leather-like' material has the good look of leather, but none of the maintenance!
  • Double stitching for durability in rugged use.
  • Dual frame attachments with quick release mechanism on each chap for secure and quick mounting.
  • Open vertical edges (where applicable on many bars) to allow use with and without highway pegs.
  • Slips on and off in a matter of seconds, and easily stored in saddlebags or simply left installed!
  • Effectively blocks much road spray when riding in rain or on wet roadways.
  • Allows engine heat to help warm rider in cold weather, making cold weather riding more comfortable and keeping feet MUCH warmer!

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