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Definitions of Scootworks Terminology

Scootworks uses a few words for various products that we manufacture, that are somewhat unique. Since we find ourselves defining these words from time to time, we decided to build a small 'dictionary' of our terminology. While the need for some of the words or terms to be described here may seem silly to you, they're here because people have asked multiple times. If you should see other words or terms used throughout the site that you don't understand, don't hesitate to drop us a line at webmaster@scootworks.com, and we'll do our best to explain it to you. Adding to this list ultimately makes our job easier!

  • Classic Belt Drive   This is referencing our original belt drive design from 1998, that incorporates a 21mm wide belt. It is unrelated to any similarities in bike model (example: Vulcan 800 Classic). The Scootworks 'Classic' drive is not only for 'Classic' models of motorcycles.

  • Crash Bars   The 'politically correct' name for these is 'Engine Guards'. While these bars help protect the bike and riders in the event they should fall over, there is no guarantee of safety by using _ANY_ crash bar, engine guard, or whatever the name of the week may be.

  • Detachable   This word is used in reference to our Drifter saddlebag mounts, and some of our cosmetic parts. 'Detachable' does not mean 'Quick Release', our _detachable_ parts don't instantly remove by pressing a button or flipping a switch. 'Detachable' usually requires the use of a single tool and a few minutes of time. Read the individual installation instructions in our [Information Resource Center] for full details.

  • LoRidr™   LoRidr™ is the trademarked name for one of ScootWorks' adjustable lowering kit product lines.

  • MondoDrive™   MondoDrive™ is the trademarked name for a belt drive design under development (and being tested/shown) for extra-rough duty applications, specifically sport bike and high power delivery packages.

  • MonstaBelt™   MonstaBelt™ is the trademarked name for ScootWorks' exclusive premium belting, and was designed to be compatible with certain WideDrive™" models.

  • Order Confirmation   This term is used in reference to the email that is automatically sent, once an order is placed. It confirms to the customer, that the order was recognized by the server, and that their credit card verification was successful. It doesn't mean that the order was shipped, or that a charge was placed on the credit card (except in some pre-buy offers, as explained on the page associated with a specific pre-buy offer). If there are any unexpected delays in shipping, you will be notified by email or phone. A separate email will be sent to you, when your package ships from our facility.

  • PhatRisers™   This is the trademark name of Scootworks' robust family of handlebar risers designed especially for select brands/models of metric motorcycles. Thick, heavy, and PHAT, these risers give your bike the custom edge sought after by bikers the world over!

  • Pre-Buy   Sometimes, when we decide to release a prototype component or kit for production scaleup, we'll offer it as a "Pre-Buy" purchase. We typically do this at a substantial cost discount to the customer. In exchange for this discount, the customer will sometimes not have an exact date for shipping, but rather an approximation. Why? During production scaleups of a new batch of any product, unknowns usually raise their heads and cause unforeseen delays... things like: delays in new tooling, bugs that have to be worked out of a new product's manufacturing procedure, delays in raw materials delivery, etc. These aren't situations that compromise the quality of the product, but can certainly cause shipping delays in a "first batch". In short, a Pre-Buy provides a discount to the customer, in exchange for their patience in our manufacturing schedules, and allows us the opportunity to determine an approximate batch size (since one never knows how popular a product might be, until it's released for sale). During 'Pre-Buy' order manufacture, Scootworks will send out a periodic update message to those who participated. Pre-buy customers will receive one-on-one personalized contact and support, while Scootworks determines any updates or variations that may exist in the field.

  • !Slammer!™   !Slammer!™ is the trademarked name for one of ScootWorks' adjustable lowering kit product lines.

  • Wheel Conversion Kit   This defines a kit manufactured exclusively by ScootWorks, to adapt aftermarket wheels for American motorcycles, to metric motorcycles that have little or no other custom wheel option. These kits _DO NOT_ include wheels, the wheels must be purchased separately.

  • WideDrive™   WideDrive™ is the trademarked name for ScootWorks' 30mm wide belt drive family.

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