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About Scootworks...

A little info about us... Scootworks is a small company, comprised of 18 people, most of which are riders/motorcycle enthusiasts. Some of us have been riding and building motorcycles/components for over 30 years, and have been developing and testing accessories for Scootworks since 1998. We are the engineers who designed and first started marketing belt drive conversion kits for metric motorcycles through the internet. We partnered with a local precision machine shop back in 1998 to produce accessories for metric motorcycles. Since that time, we've grown and now partner with a multitude of machine shops, metal fabricators, cloth and fabric shops, fiberglass shops, powder coaters, and chrome shops. This allows us to utilize the best shops for their best capabilities.

tweek_wings_dealsgap.jpg (78827 bytes)
Scootworks Co-founders Dave and Steve at Deals Gap
after riding the "Tail of the Dragon" August 2005

Since 1998, we have placed thousands of belt drives, lowering kits, ergonomic brake pedals, custom wheel adapter kits, handlebar risers, saddlebag mounting systems, trunks, and many many other items in service all around the world. We are constantly developing new parts, testing and updating older designs, and pushing forward to improve the availability of unique accessories for metric motorcycles.

We are a full-time business with personnel for sales/shipping, business development, catalog/website maintenance, product R&D, and our full service shop. We're growing, steadily and surely!

We provide all of the tech support for our products at Scootworks. We have voice mail support for our business at (919)269-0986 that is checked regularly (for "after hours" calls or during time when all incoming lines are busy), and even provide cell phone access for customers in need of immediate support. What we're trying to say is, customers who buy products get 1st priority. We give them our all, and help them work through any and every question until they're satisfied.

On average, we answer between 300-500 emails/day from people who are in need of support, are interested in products that we already have available on the market, or are just asking questions. Additionally, the phone load exceeds 100 calls/day on most days. Email and phone calls take a tremendous amount of time, so we prioritize it to insure existing customers are always assisted first. Our sales personnel answer the phone every day from 9AM-5PM EST Monday-Friday, when they aren't on the web providing support or shipping products. The Scootworkers are in the shop processing orders and shipping about 14 hours/day (two shifts!). There are currently 4 incoming phone lines in the trunk, and there are times where they are all busy...If you should call and get voice mail between 9AM-5PM EST, they're either on the phones with other customers, or in the midst of shipping priority packages. Leave a message and they'll get right back to you at their first opportunity.

We now handle thousands of products (many of which we manufacture and are not available anywhere else in the world), and have more than 15000 views on our website, daily. While we do maintain a large amount of inventory (well over $3/4mil!), it's impossible to always have every nut, bolt, and washer of every kit or product on the shelf at all times. Even though we stock hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product, we are steadily increasing inventory to provide the best single point source for metric motorcycle accessories we possibly can. If you don't see it on our website, be sure to ask... we're constantly adding to the site, and have over 27,000 items on our site and in our Zebulon NC store!

Remember.. be kind and patient, as the Scootworkers are real people, too! We all work hard, and love to ride, just like you. We want to sell items to you, just as badly as you want to buy them. Temper tantrums, phone and email beatings, etc, don't make products magically appear on our shelves or on your doorstep any more quickly. While this is certainly rare for us, we occasionally manage to find people who like to do this. Remember, Scootworks is a privately held company, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we choose. Treat us civil, and you'll find that our Scootworkers will treat you the same!

From the 18 of us at Scootworks, we thank you for your interest in us and our products, as we continue to build a long-term relationship with the metric community from this site, as well as from our Retail Showroom and service center in Zebulon NC !

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Scootworks, Inc. - 106-108 & 114 E. Vance St. - Zebulon, N.C. 27597
Phone (919) 269-0986 - Fax (919) 269-0977

Retail Showroom & Motorcycle Service Center

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