Scootworks New "WideDrive" Belt Drive Kit for the Kawasaki Vulcan EN500 Ltd.

The new generation "WideDrive" belt drive kit gives that great WIDE look with an added bonus of extra performance....

  • New "WideDrive" belt is 50% wider than our EN500 Ltd. "Classic" belt drive kit belting
  • Available in polished chrome or black rear pulley.
  • Increases the power handling capacity over our "Classic" belt drive due to the wider belt. 
  • Lower highway RPM's, and increased gas mileage with the 2.22:1 final drive ratio, just like on our "Classic" belt drive kit.
  • No more cleaning of grease and oil from your rear wheel, no more of that nasty chain maintenance.
  • Kit includes the WideDrive front pulley assembly, WideDrive rear pulley, WideDrive MonstaBelt™ drive belt, tension gauge, and detailed installation instruction manual.

Comparison of Chain Drive vs. Our Belt Drive

Requires lubrication every 600 miles No lubrication required

Always has backlash, even when adjusted correctly.

No final drive induced backlash, even when accelerating or decelerating.

If chain breaks, it can knot, causing damage to your engine, or even worse, can lock up your rear wheel.

If the belt breaks, it just comes off. Replacement of the belt is very inexpensive (see above).

Constantly cleaning grease and grime from your rear wheel, rim and hub. Maintaining whitewall tires is a nightmare!

NO MORE GREASE ON YOUR REAR WHEEL, RIM OR HUB FROM THE FINAL DRIVE! Beautiful whitewalls and your clean bike stays that way... CLEAN!

Typical chain efficiency is approx. 80% when new, and deteriorates throughout it's life.

Typical belt efficiency is approx. 98%. Due to change of pulley ratios, the engine RPMs are reduced by 11%. This resulted in an increase of gas mileage by approx. 14% on our test bikes. The final drive ratio for a stock model EN500 Ltd is 2.625:1. Our new belt drive kit features a relaxed 2.22:1 final drive. It is a smooth dream on the highways! 

Chain drives are very noisy, especially as they wear.

Our Belt Drive is nearly silent!

Now available at www.scootworks.com

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