Detachable Saddlebag Mounts for Drifter 400 or 800

Bag mount shown attached

This part is one many 400 and 800 Drifter riders have asked for from around the world!

  • Computer designed precision laser cut steel for accuracy, field tested with many different accessory combinations for durability.
  • This rugged mounting system is supplied in a black powder coat finish, a perfect match for your motorcycle's frame!.
  • It works with all Corbin and Fire & Steel saddles, both solo and dual.
  • Works with all brands tested (everything we know of!) of 2-into-1 and dual exhaust systems, and and is predrilled for Fire & Steel Saddlebags. Practically any bag can be attached.
  • This system does not require additional saddlebag rails or modifications, and provides robust saddlebag support. Design eliminates bracket flexing with heavily loaded bags due to our computer designed 3 point frame attachment system.
  • Detachable system allows you to remove the bag mounts easily when you don't want the bags and mounts to hide your beautiful rear fender, yet is a VERY rigid mounting system that will not flex or bend with heavy bags and/or bag loading. Allows retention of the more difficult to install parts, yet barely visible with the bags removed.
  • Stress tested for 50lbs of load capacity at 10x road noise (rougher than most any terrain you can encounter!).
  • Field tested for over one year, before initial release. This assures a well tested product to the customer!
  • WILL NOT come accidentally disconnected on rough terrain, nor become entangled in the Drifter's rear suspension under load.
  • Designed to handle the stresses of forcing heavy objects into your bags, won't twist!
  • Ample clearance is provided for rear suspension travel between bags.
  • This system supports saddlebags independent of rear suspension, so bags don't move up and down with the rear wheel.
  • This system does not require drilling of frame, and all hardware is included for installation.
  • Comes complete with all hardware and illustrated instruction manual for installation.

Bag mount shown removed

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