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Scootworks is working on a listing of overstocked and out-of-production parts for an upcoming sale. These items will be posted in our blogs, newsletter, and on the Scratch-N-Dent part of our site at in the next day or so. Due to the heavy mark-down on those items, we won’t be spending a lot of time writing code on the details and other info on these parts (they’re already described on our site in the appropriate areas). This stuff will be heavily marked down to make room for new products, so be ready to grab a deal. Keep an eye on the “Scratch & Dent”

link on the front page of our site for the details!

New Bushings for Scootworks Lowering Kit users are now available. Some users of the Scootworks EN500 Lowering Kit have reported their newer bikes (seem to be mostly '07+) sometimes have the metal insert glued/vulcanized into the factory bushing in the lower shock eye. This makes it difficult or impossible to remove for use with the Scootworks lowering kit. We obtained several from Kawasaki, and found that some of them (randomly) were also glued/vulcanized in. We now manufacture double-tapered replacement bushings to include with all of the 500 lowering kits, in the event this happens to be the case with a your bike. If any of you have experienced this and need bushings, please contact us at support @ scootworks . com or call 919-269-0986 x32 and we'll have a set sent out to you.

There are two new reviews of Scootworks parts online (PhatRisers & Scootworks Aux. Light Control), the links are: and


Scootworks now has a new Ebay store to showcase select items, post scratch-n-dent items, and to unveil new products from time to time. It can be found at:

Scootworks has two primary blog sites, where we post up-to-the-minute info on new products, product bulletins, general information & news items, etc, They are at: and

We also have networking sites at: , and on Facebook (under the name of Dave Hockaday). Stop in and say “hi”, if you’re in our neck of the web!

Scootworks customers send us photos of their bikes with our products installed from time to time. We've been accumulating these through the busy summer months, and are finally getting a little time to get them added to the website. These are smooth cruisers, asphalt warriors, whacked out customs, and bikes of about every flavor. Pop over to: on [Photo Gallery], and check out the hundreds of our customers' cool machines. If you have a pics of your bikes with some of our goodies on it, please send it to with a short description and info on where you're from.

We’re working on a bunch of videos to show the actual manufacturing process behind the hundreds of parts we make. Here is a short clip we put together while experimenting with the cameras, software, placement around the machinery, etc. It's the first video, called Demo Reel 1: You might find it best to start the video and then pause it, to allow it to load and buffer. Also, if your computer plays it "jerky", click the "HD-on" logo in the top RH side of the picture (when your mouse is over the video) to turn "HD-off". 

Though short, you'll see a batch of 750 Honda belt drive preload caps, a pic of some of the controls and tooling from the VM3 4-axis CNC mill, the final manual burnishing of the fork pivot for our raked triple trees, a VN800 rear pulley coming off of the SL-10 CNC lathe, some shots of the VLX lowering kit from inside of the VM3, a close-up shot of our new through-tool cooling, our robotic tool changer in action, and other things. There will be much more detailed "How It's Made" video coming in the next few weeks, we'll keep you posted on that so you can see stuff from behind the scenes at SMC.

There are lots of new items at Scootworks this week, including items like Intake Systems, Windshields, Lightbars & Driving Lights, Axle Covers, Caliper & Reservoir covers, Lift-out Trunk Liners, Electronics for lighting and aux. control, light visors, Switch Head Housings, AND MORE! Visit our website to view and purchase these items today....


9955 Skull AirCharger V-Star 650

9956 Skull AirCharger V-Star 1100

9463 Pro-R Hypercharger Intake Kit, V-Star 1100

Skull AirCharger Roadstar 1600 & 1700

9464 Pro-R Hypercharger Intake Kit, Roadstar 1600/1700

20-610 Royal Star Ventura Windshield

20-610T Royal Star Ventura Windshield, tent

1-244R Right Front Axle Cover for Yam V-Stars & Royal Star

63-135 Rear Axle Cover for 650/1100 V-Star

New lightbars & driving lights

61-107 Tail Light Visor for V-Star 650/1100

63-302 Switch Head Housings for V-Star 1300


9863 Corsair Intake Kit, VTX-1800

9866 Corsair Intake Kit, VTX-1300

9460 Pro-R Hypercharger Intake Kit, VTX-1300

9461 Pro-R Hypercharger Intake Kit, VTX-1800

53-147 Comfort Brake Pedal cover

20-517 Sweptback Windshield, clear w/o vent, GL1800

20-518 Sweptback Windshield, clear w/vent, GL1800

20-518T Sweptback Windshield, smoke w/vent, GL1800

20-512T EuroSport Windshield, Smoke, GL1500

20-514T EuroSport Windshield, Smoke, GL1800

920101R Replacement rain drip edge, 5'

2-359C Clear Windshield Vent, clear

2-511 Clear Windshield Vent, smoke

20-515 Larger GL1800 Windshield, Clear w/o vent

20-516 Larger GL1800 Windshield, Clear w/vent

20-516T Larger GL1800 Windshield, Smoke w/vent

20-3 GL1500 Tour Windshield, Clear w/o vent

20-4 GL1500 Tour Windshield, Clear w/vent

20-4T GL1500 Tour Windshield, Smoke w/vent

53-145 Rear Axle Cover for Honda

53-428 Caliper Cover - Stepped (left side) Fits Honda 750 Aero

New lightbars & driving lights

53-110 Ellipse Turn Signal Grille

53-430 Reflector Grilles for Honda Aero 750 & Sprit 750C2

51-341 Chrome Master Cylinder Mounting Clamp


9867 Corsair Intake Kit, VN2000

9465 Pro-R Hypercharger Intake Kit, VN2000

1-320 Axle Plug for VN2000

71-118 Axle Plug for Mean Streak 1600

71-131 Rear Axle Covers for VN2000

71-126 Chrome Front right Caliper Cover, VN2000

71-125 Vulcan VN2000 (all), heavy chromed steel REAR caliper cover

81-107 Vulcan 900 (all), heavy chromed steel Left FRONT caliper cover

71-314 Rear Master Cylinder Reservoir Cover for Vulcan 900

New lightbars & driving lights


New lightbars & driving lights for several models


New lightbars & driving lights

Lift-out trunk liners

Universal Fitment:

Mid & Full size trunk bags added to the saddlebags/luggage page

13-305 Universal electronic signal flasher added to the Lighting Control page.

13-207 Chrome Dual Accessory Switch Housing on Lighting Control page




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