Hello and Happy Holidays from Scootworks!

This newsletter is to bring you up to speed on LOADS of changes at Scootworks. Scootworks has lots of items on special sale for the Holiday Season, new products from the Scootworks manufacturing division (SMC), and piles of new goodies to dress up your bike! Let's get started...

First, we have a new breakthrough in our tire pricing to share with you! Of the over 32,000 items we've been selling online in 9 years of business, we've never tried to be competitive with tires. Tire prices are based on unit sales of tires, and since we're not an OEM shop, our tire sales have been limited to those via our service department and custom shop sales. Most often, local shops could sell them for less than our cost + margin. 

As a result of great annual parts sales per year, our purchasing agent was able to negotiate an awesome price structure for tires. This allows up to now offer tires at up to 40% off! With free shipping on orders over $200, this really puts a pair of tires from us in a very competitive position. We've also been building a section of our site to help you more easily select tires. You can see these on our site at:

We ship in 1-2 days, so we can
get tires to you FAST!

Winter Goodies- We've compiled a list of our most popular winter products, and marked them down even more. Goodies like gloves, coats, chaps, headgear, riding suits, leg gators, goggles, and more help you keep your  body nice and warm. Set you bike up for winter riding with our windshields, handlebar chaps, hand deflectors, crashbar chaps, heated grips, and more. They're in one easy-to-find location on our site, and you can shop for them at:

Exhaust Systems!- We've been expanding our inventory to handle many more brands and models of Exhaust Systems. You can see the beginnings of this expansion in the Kawasaki and Honda Categories of our online store in 'Exhaust Systems'. We're working around the clock to get this finished within the next 2 weeks. You'll even see several of our own Scootworks' Brand Exhaust in there!

Chrome Exchange Program- Scootworks is ramping up it's chrome exchange program. We're handling lots of OEM parts in chrome, many that can't be purchased otherwise. Items like brake and clutch reservoirs, swingarms, fork legs, and more. Check it out at:

Gift Certificates- are more popular than ever at Scootworks this holiday season. These can be purchased in any amount, and are easily redeemed with us in person, on the phone, or via the internet. Check them out at:

Trunk Mounts & NEW CruzPac™- Scootworks now has several new trunk mounts to facilitate the addition of our tourpacks to your motorcycle of choice. Mounts for the Volusia 800, C50, C50T, and V-Star 650 are among our newest additions. 

The NEW Scootworks CruzPac™ is finally in production. In response to our customer base, we designed a new trunk that is approximately 30% smaller than our standard size SuperTrunk™. Perfect for those with mid-size cruisers, and those who simply want a smaller trunk, check these goodies out at:

VN800 Chin Spoiler- This is a newer version of our spoiler style 2 seen at . The cost of this has dropped to $179.99, over $120 less than the previous model. It comes in a gloss black gel coat, and is easy to install. You can see it at:

VN900 Chin Spoiler- This is a  version of our spoiler style 2 seen at , but designed to fit the VN900 Custom & Classic. The cost of this is $179.99. It comes in a gloss black gel coat, and is easy to install. You can see it on the website at

Kawasaki KLR 2008+ Lowering Kit- This new lowering kit is a direct bolt-on for the KLR-650 models, for years 2008+. Drop your KLR 1", 2", or 3" very simply. You'll find this on our site at:

Kawasaki EN500 1996+ Lowering Kit- This is one of our easy bolt-on's, and drops the rear of your EN500 1-1/2"-2", depending on shock settings. These beauties are in stock and ready to ship. You can find them on our site at:

Honda VLX-600 Classic-Style Crashbar- Check out this new piece, only at Scootworks! A classic-style wide engine guard for all models of VLX-600, VT-600...and even fits the Steed-400 and VT-400 found in some countries! At $169, it the best bang for the buck, and the ONLY product of it's type for the VLX 600. You can see/order it online at our Honda crashbar page at

Aero 750 Custom Exhaust! - Check out the new 'RC-Scorpion' Exhaust Pipes from Scootworks for the Aero 750 ! Finally, a version of our famous Scorpion-series exhaust is available for the Aero 750. These can also be fitted onto the new Spirit C2 750, with a little work to the rear bracket. Check these pipes out on our site at

Aero 750 Sissybar Combo! - Check out the new Scorpion Sissybar and pad combo from Scootworks for the Aero 750. Easy to install, sleek and stylish, this is a great accessory for your Aero 750. You can see/buy this item on our site at

Aero 750 & Spirit 750 C2 Engine Guard! - Check out the new Scootworks Engine Guard for the Aero 750 & Spirit C2 750 (shaft driven). It features construction from beefy 1-1/4" diameter stock, premium chrome plating, and a
chrome horn cover...all for $169!! You can see this on our site at:

Wow.... You can see we've been busy at Scootworks! Oh, for those of you who might be into Remote Control Airplanes & Helicopters, some of the Scootworkers have also been busy expanding a 30+ year hobby into a retail showroom. We've found that lots of the local riders were into R/C, and local R/C'rs were into Motorcycles. A great blend of hobbies for year-round fun! Check out the venture at

Thanks for reading, and from all of us here at Scootworks, we wish you the Happiest of Holidays!!

Scootworks has a new operating schedule for the Holiday Season! During the month of December, Scootworks will open the RETAIL STORE on Saturdays, from 9-4. Also, like on all previous years, we'll be open on Christmas Eve to help with those 'last minute gifts'!