Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2010 10:33 AM
Subject: Scootworks Newsletter - July 1st
Hello! We hope this newsletter finds you happy and, it's been hot here in central NC. 95-100 degree days have made riding a bit miserable, but things are finally cooling off a bit this week. This is a short newsletter, but I have a couple of items to tell you about...
The first item isn't so much a 'Scootworks' items as it is a proud father/biker dad sort of note. My youngest son and Scootworker (Brandon) has been working on his Vulcan 800A for over a year at night and on weekends. He finished it about 3 months ago, just before the Daytona Spring rally he was trying to make. Unfortunately for him, our work schedule jumped from almost nothing to wide-open about that time, and he had to stay at the shop and work while a couple of the other guys headed to Daytona. He recently entered it in a contest on 96Rock (local station) and it is now in the top 10. This is no credit card bike...everything on it, except the frame, has been hand built or modified in some way. Being on a budget, many parts came from wrecks/salvage or are modified factory items. Even the seat was the stocker with heavy modifications, as a new saddle wasn't in the budget. Although he has worked with us on various projects, this was his first bike customization, and we're all very proud of it (especially Brandon!). Please go have a look at it and give him a vote. The voting link is:

We tried to document the project, and you can see the whole project online at:
There's not much to talk about here in the way of new products, as we're running hard to manufacture the existing product line. Many of you, like us, have been caught in this horrible mess of an economic downturn that started sometime in late '08. Like most other businesses in this industry, we saw sales spiraling downhill all through 2009 and into early 2010. Typically, we build as much of the 700+ products that we manufacture throughout the winter to be ready for the spring sales spurts we've seen every year...but in 2009 we found our shelves overloaded with product that didn't move and had to lay off some of our staff. As a result of the worst sales year in the powersports industry in decades, we watched all of the major suppliers allow their inventory dwindle, and we were honestly afraid to build much excess in the uncertainty of 2010 sales forecasts and predicted additional dealership closings. Sometime around Feb 2010, certain items took off in sales, and we have been running like mad to try and catch up. We're still in this "emergency catch-up mode" and running with less people than in previous years, and while we are bringing inventory up as quickly as possible, we still have a ways to go. 
Those of you who have been laid off, lost or changed jobs, or who are still looking for work fully understand this. We do talk to people most every day who have not been impacted in their workplace and don't understand why inventories are like they are at the moment with many suppliers, so maybe this message better explains things. Most local motorcycle shops, those who are still in business, need your support now more than ever. Behind the smiling faces in the showrooms and the flashy advertisements, most all of them are hurting pretty bad. This is why people are finding such great deals on new '08 & '09 models. I have customers that roll into our shop on brand new 2-3 year old bikes they have bought at 1/2 price and think the motorcycle business must be great right now, with such deals easy to find. It's really quite the opposite. I hope those of you who are fortunate enough to have a local shop or dealership in your area will visit them and let them know how much you appreciate them being there, many really need to hear it right now. Without your support, many more will not make it through this winter. I've talked to so many dealers around the world, and while I could write a book on this situation, I think all of you understand.
Anyway, and on a brighter note, we wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you for your loyalty to Scootworks and your patience during this time. We are seeing our sales begin to slowly pick back up, and we're pushing forward. We probably will not release many new products this year, as we're focused on getting our inventories on our existing product orders fulfilled.
I hope to see you on the road, and thanks for reading!
Scootworks, Inc