Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 11:48 AM
Subject: Scootworks Newsletter - New Items - Oct '10
Hello! We hope this newsletter finds you happy and healthy... Things are finally cooling down here in NC, but there's still a bit of riding weather left. We've been working long days/weeks at the shop, trying to catch up on all of the products that we became behind on when sales started picking back up. Along with certain Scootworks products finally coming back into stock, there are a few new items in production and a freshly completed bike to tell you about...
First, thanks to all who voted for my son Brandon's VN800 project. He took first place in the "Best Bikes of the Triangle contest with his customized VN800A. He was thrilled, as it was his first build. You can see the write-up at:
Chrome risers, triple trees,  and other chrome items are back in stock, finally! Wow, after the past year of chrome shop after chrome shop going out of business (one who still has a load of our parts we can't get hold of!!), we finally have two shops that're turning out good stuff. We have all of our backordered chrome risers and triple trees shipped, and fresh products on the shelf. Here's a pic of a batch of chrome PhatRisers being checked in:
We manufacture just over 700 products here at Scootworks...from tiny widgets like handlebar adapter studs and hollow threaded lighting adapters to large complex assemblies. As the economy began to turn around some a few months back, we found ourselves out of about 15 of our key products like certain lowering kits, belt drives etc. We've been running the machine shop around the clock for weeks, and are finally caught up on all products except Magna belt drives (shipping now), VN1500 Brake Pedals, and VN2000 rear pulleys. All other products are shipping now, and we appreciate your patience and support!
New Products:
- Retro Style risers ...we have a sample run we're testing in the market. You can see the retro-style outer surface on a pair of our Phlamed risers here:
- New mirror-polished VN900 rear overdrive pulleys. We now have loads of these completed, packaged, and ready for shipment. You can see them at:
- Newest belt drive updates. As always, we're working to improve our products. We have now released out latest version of various belt drive components to market with the latest plating the reduces the friction co-efficient to that similar to Teflon, while bringing the hardness up to over 60R (about as heard as a file!). You can see on of these parts at:
- The long awaited belt drive system for the Suzuki Bandit is finally out of field testing. You can see pics of it online at:
Another bike finished... A Honda 750 chop project has been completed in the shop, and is on the road. You can see it here: and a slideshow of the build is online in our Project Bike section at: 
For your enjoyment, we periodically upload pics and little blurbs about the goins-on around Scootworks. You can catch up on all of these on our twitpic page at: