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More new Scootworks parts...
Scootworks Custom Wheels are coming back into production. You can see the units completed and back in inventory thus far at: . If you have a custom wheel requirement, drop us a note and we let you know production schedule & costs. Most 3D wheels are being redesigned to resolve a chrome adhesion issue around sharp edges.
Scootworks has redesigned the sidemount license frame/light system to now be a convertable item for horzontal or vertical mounting applications. This was done as a result of the changes in various state laws across the USA. It is also available with or without lights, for those who have a lighted license frame. You can see it at: and on the site at
We've been working on several new riser designs. With the rage in fatty bars without step-downs in the center being what it is, we released our new Scootworks PhatStix. These are available for 1", 1.25", and 1.5" diameter bars, and polished or gloss black powder coat finish. Matte black available upon request. They are also available in heights of 2.5", 4", 6", and 8". The stem diameter and hardware bores were optimized to allow correct top tree pocket fitment on H-D, Victory, Triumph, and most all metric cruisers. You can see them at: 
This next riser development came as a result of several customers being directed to us by Carlini and and others who had the 1.5" Punisher fatty drag bars. Many customers would buy and install these 1.5" fatty T-bars, only to find they needed more rise to properly clear instrumentation or to get their hands where they wanted them. Our new PhatBonez are available in 1", 2", 3", and 4" heights for this application. They should work well with any fatty T-Bar having a 1-1/2" stem diameter. You can see them at: .
Key badges have always been a neat little customization item, and we've sold loads of these things over the years. In addition to the SMC badges, we've completed production on 3 new styles: Skull/Iron Cross, Spiderweb, & Star of Texas. These retail for $25. You can see them here: and . These come in a mirror polished finish (these pics are fresh off of the CNC mill).
The Scootworks Under Fender light for the Honda Spirit 750 "fell off of the radar" for a while, but is now back in stock in a 8B mirror finish stainless steel construction. Easy to install and really cleans up the rear of those bikes. These have been retrofitted into several other bikes that have the same "bobber" style rear fender. Bright run and brake lights and a clean angled license plate placement. You can see them at: , , and . You can find them on the website at
Winter is upon many of us around the world. Scootworks manufactures a product line that has become very popular with winter riders... our Soft Lowers (aka Crashbar Chaps). They add extended time to the riding season by directing air across the engine and routing that warm air up and onto the driver, while blocking the cold blast and water mist from the lower leg area. We currently fit 64 motorcycle/engine guard combinations, and have more fitments in the works. These are items that fall to almost no sales in the summer, but loads of sales in the fall, winter, and spring. You can see these at 
With the upsurge in builders who are customizing the old Yamaha XS-series bikes to build bobbers, choppers, etc, we've designed a footpeg adapter to allow the use of any Kuryakyn footpeg on that bike. It's a simple little part, but does the job nicely. It also works on most other Yamaha bikes from that era. You can see it at:
Scootworks manufactures several handlebar adapters, like the #1 hardware used to mount conventional H-D T-Bars and risers on the V-Rod. 1/2" SAE on one end, m10x1.25 on the other. Same for mounting H-D style T-Bars on most Kawasaki cruisers. No more boring out of the trees for this fitment, you can see our mounting kits at:
Finally, the owners of H-D motorcycles with the Italian Magnetti-Marelli EFI systems have a choice for customizing their intakes. We have designed an adapter system to allow the use of many different cool intake systems on that unique and "left out" EFI system. You can see that at:
Existing component status updates:
-VN2000 Rear Overdrive pulleys are back in production and will be shipping in about 2 weeks
- A huge batch of Scootworks SuperTrunk III's are fresh out of the molds and back in stock.
- Chrome plating has been driving us nuts... we have another batch of chrome in the works via another plating shop and we should have any chrome plated items you may have been asking about back in stock shortly.
- All of our handlebar riser fitments (over 200!) are in stock, with the exception of some versions in chrome plating.
- VN800 and VN1500 extended brake pedals are out of stock and won't be back in from plating until about mid-november. 
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