Here's a few product updates a info on a sale that runs through the end of next week...
- Scootworks now offers financing, up to 18 months, thr ough Bill-Me-Later. 6 months same as cash (no finance charge), with longer terms at typical rates. Simply click the banner found near the top of most pages at . You can also u se this feature at check out if you're paying with paypal. As a bonus, you'll get $ 5 back for a limited time!
- The Billet Accessory Switches, once mfg by Scootworks , are back! We've redesigned the part and have a version of our heavy-duty billet switch with dual switches as well. Perfect for controlling decorative lighting, audio or navigation gear, driving lights, etc . Have a look at: partselectronics.htm
- Upon request from a few customer, our PhatRiser 3's a nd the New 3x (5" of pullback!) are now available with Flamed engraving. This took quite a lot of programming work due to the somewhat different profile of th ese components, not to mention some mechanical changes to improve/update the engraving process. Pictures will be on the front door of the website this c oming week.
- LOADS more Scratch-N-Dent, trade-ins, and OEM parts n ow listed on the 5BSpecials5D page on our site (4 more full shelves loaded w ith these inspected and repackaed items!). We have a lot of OEM stuff that has been t raded in to us over the years during customizations, custom builds, etc. Some of these are now being listed on the specials page as well. If you need a replacemen t factory part, wheel, etc, drop us a note and we'll check inventory. We'll b e setting up a section for our experienced OEM part shortly. You can see all of these specials at: tsspecials.htm
- Get an additional 10% off of new orders placed this w eekend, through Thanksgiving week. Use the word TURKEYDAY in the promo box at checkout, click "Recalculate", and save!

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