Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 8:07 AM
Subject: Sale Stretch - Scootworks Pre/Post-Thanksgiving/Black Friday update

I've personally been in this hobby for over 35 years, and Scootworks has been running now for over 12 of those. About the time I think we understand the market in our industry, we're shown that there's nothing about this market that's constant. I've watched trends shift from year to year in the purchasing habits of riders, and the things that interest them. Black is the new chrome. Long stretch chrome dripping choppers are giving way to minimal bikes like bobbers and such. Cruisers are beginning to morph into baggers more and more. Many things play into it...television, magazines, riding clubs, internet forums, and now more than's the economy. As I mentioned in my last update, in the over 12 years of being in business, we've found that most folks were out of town or just too tired from running here and there, to be very interested with motorcycle parts over the Thanksgiving holidays. As a result, our Thanksgiving sales were almost a waste of our time preparing for them. Last year's pre-Thanksgiving sale worked well, and many customers confirmed what we thought about the availability of their time during the days immediately surrounding that holiday.
Today, we found many messages in our inboxes that indicated a shift in things a bit. Perhaps folks are staying home more this year for the holidays. Some folks communicated that they wouldn't have access to their holiday pay until this week, would be staying in town for rides with friends, etc. This is something we heard almost nothing of last year.
We thought of holding a 'Black Friday' sale or some such. Like many of you, much of our staff will be enjoying the holiday with their family and there's no need in making more work of this than is necessary. So, the simple thing to do, to try an accommodate as many as possible during this holiday, it to leave well enough alone and let this run through the end of this week.
Just like over the last 3 days, put the items you want in your cart, type TURKEYDAY in the promo box, and click "recalculate" to see the even DEEPER discounts you'll get on millions of parts to select from. Get some goodies while they're on sale, and enjoy upcoming Holidays with a 'Thank You' from Scootworks!!
**********************************************************************'s a little bike show info and lots of pics and such for you to look at... A few of the Scootworkers put some bikes in a Bike & Car show yesterday in Garner NC (11/20), and here's what happened...
1- My youngest son & Scootworker, Brandon, took 1st place in 'Best Custom' with his bike (Bones). He's 26 years old, works at Scootworks, and this was his first full build. He did it with assistance from Dave (Eagle, SW Shop mgr), and Jon (SW Custom painter) over about 1 year of nights and weekends.
2- Jon Earp, SW custom painter, took 2nd place in 'Best Custom' and also took 'Amy's Choice' (her Best of Show pic) with his bike (Low Life)
3- Bryan Long took 'Best Stock' (non-modified frame) with his bike (RawHide)
You can see all of these bikes' builds online at:
Next - I just finished editing, resizing, culling, organizing, etc over 500 pics from Daytona beach Biketoberfest 2010. The pics were taken with 3 different devices used by some of us, so getting everything grouped more-or-less in the correct order and of similar size took a bit of work. At the end, you'll see some smaller pics I pulled from my facebook page's mobile posts, that's why there's such a size difference.
There's 4 little video's the Iron Horse on there. If they don't play for you when you click on the links, right-click the link and save it to your desktop, then play them from there.
You can see them at:

Happy Holidays from Scootworks!