Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2010 9:57 AM
Subject: Still a little time on the Scootworks Sale...

I see, while working from home this Sunday morning, that some of you are still at it, shopping and grabbing deals. There's still another day or so left on this sale, and you can still use the TURKEYDAY promo code in the shopping cart. Put any items you're curious about in your shopping cart & finalize the cart (depending on which page you're on, there may be a finalize button), type TURKEYDAY in the promo box and click "recalculate" to see your actual sale pricing. You're not obligated until you put your credit card or paypal info in and click the [Submit Order] button, so don't worry about accidentally buying something until you're ready!
The Scootworks Crew returns from their Thanksgiving Holidays on Tuesday, and the shipping madness begins. I hope those of you who were fortunate enough to have a Thanksgiving Holiday enjoyed a bit of time of for R&R (or putting up Christmas decorations as we've been doing here, non-stop for the last few days!).
Happy Holidays from Scootworks!