Sent: Friday, December 03, 2010 4:03 PM
Subject: December Specials @

Our website has been in operation for over 12 years. During that time we've made lots of changes and more are always underway. EVERYTHING on our site is marked down considerably, even though some items don't show a "markdown" slash through the numbers... the older part of the system isn't capable of that, yet. Our own line of products (manufactured right here!), unlike everyone else, have not had a price increase in at least 4 years, and some have actually gotten cheaper! All other manufacturers (except Custom World) having been pushing their prices up constantly, despite the pitiful economy we live in.
The month of December is always among the slowest in the motorcycle industry, and many suppliers and distributors close for as much as 2 weeks near the end of the month. Most everyone is also trying to clear inventory and not replace it until the first of the year, else give Uncle Sam even more tax dollars for things that are still hanging on the walls. This makes meeting delivery deadlines near Dec 25th tough, as well as keeping our own manufacturing operations supplied with raw materials.
We thought about having a Sale closer to the end of December, but rather than force a frenzied shopping period just before the holidays, Scootworks is going to spread it out over the next few weeks. This should help us with making delivery before Holidays from the already dwindling year-end inventory found in all warehouses. It should help you with picking out what you want and passing this 'secret' info along to your friends and family who can't figure out what to buy you, before their other Holiday shopping rush kicks in. We've literally had people purchase items on Dec 23rd and rush to have them shipped overnight for delivery on the 24th! For those of you who shop for yourselves, here ya go... Another sale to help you with your bike projects at tremendous sales prices.
When you put the items you want in your cart, you'll see the normally discounted pricing from Scootworks. To get an even deeper discount, type SANTA in the promo box of your cart, and click "recalculate". You'll see your additional discount displayed right there in the cart. Get some goodies while they're on sale, and enjoy upcoming Ho-Ho-Holidays with a 'Thank You' from Scootworks!!
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