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Scootworks and Friends in the 2004 Zebulon Christmas Parade

Scootworks and Friends in the 2004 Zebulon Christmas Parade--- In December of 2004, Scootworks had a last minute invitation to ride in the Zebulon Christmas parade. We passed the word around to customers that were in the shop, and on a few of the local internet forums some of us are on, and a large group assembled at the shop on the morning of the Parade. We had permission to ride without helmets, if we desired, and we could make all the noise we wanted. There were about 50 motorcycles in the group, and we had a blast! Revving the engines, doing a few 'holeshots' between stops, blowing horns, etc. The kids in Zebulon LOVED it, and the kids (us) riding the bikes had big smiles on our faces. Here are a few snapshots of the group...

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The lineup near the shop, waiting to ride to the assembly point.

At the assembly point, awaiting the parade start.

LoRidr with Sasha (poodle). Sasha has logged many miles over the last 19 years!

The group, coming down Arendell Dr.

Jimmy and Angel on their V-Star.

Riders on the other side of the street waving...

Heading across Vance St. Check out the flag!

Bubba on his 'Wing...

Everyone nearing the end of the parade.

What a group!--- There were riders that came from as far as 100 miles to ride in the parade with us. Sure made us proud! Many of us grabbed a bite at the HounDawg Cafe' at the end of the parade, and headed on home. The weather was great (not too cold for December), and we're looking forward to the '05 Parade :-)