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Scootworks Facility Expansion, Phase 2

Pics from Phase 2 of the new Scootworks facility addition and show room expansion --- We outgrew our 3100 sq/ft retail store, shop, and warehouse space. We moved our retail show room, sales, and shipping operation into a new 6200 sq/ft facility adjacent to our existing store on 114 E. Vance Street. We increased our showroom space dramaticaly, and provide for more on-site warehousing (We previously used two additional off-site warehouses, due to our cramped quarters at the old site). This allows the retail customers to browse most of our inventory of thousands of items with ease.

The old Scootworks facility has now been completely converted to shop space for service, customization, and construction. This more than tripled our existing shop space. With the latest addition of a combination horizontal and vertical mill, we _REALLY_ needed the space! The move from 3100 sq/ft to 9300 sq/ft should hold us for a while, and improve working conditions for the 14 Scootworkers who keep things running.. We made the retail store transition during the month of June '05. Below are a few pics of the construction and conversion process.

Below are pics of phase 2 of our transition. Here, we had much of the construction completed, and were beginning to tackle the difficult task of moving everything, getting it all set up for ease of browsing, and ready for the outside world to visit.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view

A pic of the old sign at the 114 E. Vance site.

One of our new signs at 108 E. Vance.

A shot of both stores. You can see the service dept down the hill...

The new sign with Neon a'blazin'!

The Scootworks logo in the tile.

Lower showroom, ready for product.

Upper showroom, polished and ready to go!

A shot across both showrooms.

Check out the new glass cases!

Stuff beginning to be moved in...

The offices taking shape...

There are now 7 offices to handle everyone.

Hopefully, this will allow for phone conversations with customers, without all of the background noise!

These will be up and running in a few days.

Stuff being moved into the shipping department.

Another shot of the shipping dept, with product piled all around.

The receiving department is also being used to store product during the move.

Driver's backrests, lubricants, etc.

Most of this stuff will be placed in the showroom....

...but we had to put it somewhere during the transition.

The Gold Wing wall beginning to take shape.

Product being unboxed and placed onto displays.

Lots of stuff to sort out!

Luggage being sorted...

Mustang seats everywhere!

Suspension, luggage, etc...

Clothing being sorted and arranged.

Product 'islands' in the lower showroom.

Glass cases being loaded in...

The Scootworks clock!

Saddlebag rails being sorted and displayed.
Click HERE to see earlier pics from phase 1. The retail showroom is FINISHED! Click HERE to take a tour. Now, we begin rennovation and expansion of our Mechanical shop in the old building!

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Retail Showroom & Motorcycle Service Center

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