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2005 Spring Extravaganza

Scootworks 2005 Spring Extravaganza & Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" --- Scootworks would like to thank everyone who braved the elements early on Saturday April 2nd and enjoyed the nice weather later that day, The Enforcers Motorcycle Club of Raleigh whose members were out in full force to assist with the poker run, bike show and with general help around the event. We also want to thank members of the Iron Eagles Motorcycle Club of Zebulon whose members contributed in helping with the event, and all other volunteers who helped out...and of course, everyone who attended our event and donated to this great cause. In all, more than $3200 was raised for the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" team....  WELL DONE!!!!

We closed the street and held a bike show, a poker run, blind auctions, gave away thousands of dollars in prizes and gifts, cooked two hogs (and there wasn't a bite left by 2:30pm!), had vendors in from around the state of NC, had displays from RDRC (Raleigh Durham R/C) and TEARA, was visited by The Mudcats own 'Muddy the Mudcat', and more. Click HERE to see the list of activities and vendors who participated!

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Photos above courtesy of the Enforcers Motorcycle Club of Raleigh, NC

Bike Show photos below courtesy of "Bubba"

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Scootworks 2005 Spring Extravaganza Photos Courtesy of "Eagle"

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