Throttle Rocker fits all Metric Motorcycles

With a Throttle Rocker you don't have to squeeze the grip to operate the throttle. This means less fatigue and cramping of your hand, because a "death grip" is no longer required to hold throttle speed.

With a Throttle Rocker the grip won't have a tendency to slip because your fingers are getting tired and you won't have to constantly reposition your hand to maintain speed.

  • You can operate the throttle with a relaxed hand.
  • It greatly reduces hand fatigue and cramping.
  • It comfortably fits the heel and palm of your hand.
  • It's easier to operate the throttle, especially while wearing heavy gloves.
  • Eliminates throttle "creep" due to hand fatigue.
  • It is not a throttle lock.

How it works

The tension of the material, along with downward pressure from the heel of your hand causes the Throttle Rocker to maintain a tight hold on the throttle grip. The downward pressure from the heel of your hand causes the throttle grip to rotate.

But I have cruise control

Cruise control is great when you are on the open highway with nothing but open road spreading out ahead of you, but what about riding with a group, between stoplights or on that winding country road? Face it, a large portion of your riding you can't use it. If you have cruise control, adding a Throttle Rocker gives you "full coverage" with the best of both worlds.

If you have cruise control, great, but when you can't use it you'll be glad you have a Throttle Rocker.


Throttle Rocker is contoured to comfortably fit the palm and heel of your hand so that those long rides are more enjoyable.


  • Injection molded out of a tough, Hi-Tec polymer to withstand tough use.
  • Fits most grips. Some very small stock grips may be a little too small and billet grips are too smooth to grip. For these we have an adapter. (Available on request at no charge. If you already have your TR, send us an email, and we'll send you an adapter).
  • Comes in any color you want. (As long as you want black)


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