VLX Belt Drive Kit with a Durable Black Powder Coat Finish Rear Pulley - Relaxed 2.28:1 Ratio

Convert your Shadow VLX (VT 600)  from chain drive to a quiet and dependable belt drive. Our kit includes: 

  • Front  pulley with a black powder coat finish, utilizing our new Honda drive coupling
  • Rear pulley with a durable black powder coat finish
  • Swingarm gateway w/ durable black powder coat finish
  • New high strength drive belt
  • Tension gauge to set your belt tension properly
  • Misc. fasteners for assembly
  • Cutting guides for accurate gateway installation
  • Highly detailed installation manual to help guide you through the installation and adjustment process.

Comparison of Chain Drive vs. Our Belt Drive

Requires lubrication every 600 miles No lubrication required

Always has backlash, even when adjusted correctly.

No final drive induced backlash, even when accelerating or decelerating.

Usually requires replacement of chain & sprockets @10,000-20,000 miles (depending on maintenance). Average cost is $300 for parts and labor.

Our Belt Drive cost is ~$549 (depending on model), a much more cost effective replacement when the life span of the belt, the lack of maintenance time, lubrication, and cleaning are considered. Life of drive belt estimated at 3-4 times that of an average chain.  Pulleys do not require replacement from normal use. Replacement belt is less than $80.

If chain breaks, it can knot, causing damage to your engine, or even worse, can lock up your rear wheel.

If the belt breaks, it just comes off.

Constantly cleaning grease and grime from your rear wheel, swingarm, rim and hub. Whitewall or white letter tires are a nightmare to maintain.

NO MORE GREASE ON YOUR REAR WHEEL, RIM OR HUB FROM THE FINAL DRIVE! Whitewalls or white letter tires stay clean and white!

Typical chain efficiency is approx. 85% when new, and deteriorates from there.

Typical belt efficiency is approx. 98%. The increase in efficiency allows for a more aggressive final drive ratio. Due to change of pulley ratios, the engine RPMs are reduced by 18%. This resulted in an increase of gas mileage by approx. 15% on our test bikes. (The original driveline uses a 16t front and 44t rear sprocket = 2.75:1 Ratio). The 2.28:1 ratio is similar to a VLX with a 36 tooth rear sprocket, but almost no friction in the power transmission medium.

Chain drives are very noisy, especially as they wear.

Our Belt Drive is nearly silent!

The VLX always feels as if it needs a 5th gear on the open road...

The belt drive ratio provides much more relaxed cruising engine RPMs, no more "buzziness!" Feels like you have a 5th gear!

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