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Welcome to the Yamaha Performance Intake and Accessories Catalog-

Scootworks assembles intake packages for many cruisers, often combining components from several manufacturers and/or fabricating parts to complete the package. The combination of Scootworks and 3rd party vendors allows for the installation of many intake styles and air cleaners on motorcycles that aren't typically available 'off-the-shelf'. The kits advertised here are the 'standard' systems stocked by us and ready for installation or shipping from our store, and all utilize K&N air filters. These systems contain everything needed for installation, including jets (for carb'd bikes), mounting hardware, instructions, etc. Installation on fuel injected bikes typically requires the addition of a fuel injection computer to allow for correct fuel/air adjustment after will find these in the 'Fuel Injection Computer' section of this catalog. For installation of these systems on carb'd bikes, we recommend the installation of the correct carb jetting (supplied in the kits).