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A little info about us... Scootworks is a small family owned & operated company of riders/motorcycle enthusiasts. Some of us have been riding and building motorcycles/components for over 35 years, and have been developing and testing accessories for Scootworks since 1998. We are the engineers who designed and first started marketing Scootworks belt drive conversion kits for metric motorcycles through the internet. We initially partnered with a local precision machine shop back in 1998 to produce our accessories for metric motorcycles. Since that time, we've grown steadily and built a CAD/CNC manufacturing facility complete with state-of-the-art automated CNC equipment (SMC - Scootworks Motor Company). We also own a manual machine shop (mill/lathe/presses/drill tables/glass bead/etc), a custom paint shop, a service department, custom bike fabricaiton, and more. Additionally, we now partner with a multitude of _LOCAL_ cloth and fabric shops, fiberglass shops, powder coaters, and chrome shops. This allows us to utilize the best shops for their best capabilities, and keep our products manufacturing stateside.

Since 1998, we have placed thousands of belt drives, lowering kits, ergonomic brake pedals, custom wheel adapter kits, handlebar risers, saddlebag mounting systems, trunks, custom wheels, raked triple trees, footpegs, hand grips, motorcycle lifts, and many many other items in service all around the world. We are constantly developing new parts, testing and updating older designs, and pushing forward to improve the availability of unique accessories for metric motorcycles. Currently, we manufacture over 700 items, assemblies, and sub-assemblies.

We provide all of the tech support for our products at Scootworks. What we're trying to say is, customers who buy products get 1st priority. We give them our all, and help them work through any and every question until they're satisfied.

A quick timeline...

- 1998: Scootworks was formed and the first part (VN800 Belt Drive Conversion) was put into production. Scootworks was manufacturing and shipping a small number of parts from our private ship up near Youngsville NC.

- 2000: Scootworks shipping was moved to a private location in Zebulon NC, design and kitting was still being done in Youngsville.

- 2001: The shop location in Younghsville was expanded and Scootworks shipping returned to Youngsville with it's 1st full time employee (Amy).

- early 2002: Debbie joined Scootworks full time and helped ramp up sales and shipping.

- late 2002: Scootworks renovated the first public location in Zebulon, a 1500' builing at 114 East Vance St. in Zebulon, and opened the doors to the public.

- mid-2003: Scootworks completed renovations to the back half of the 114 E. Vance building and added a 150' service department to it's operations. - early 2005: Scootworks obtained 106 E. Vance st, 108 E. Vance st, and 106 S. Arendell, totalling another 7000' ft. These buildings were modified, joined together, and converted into Sales, Shipping, Receiving, & Retail operations for Scootworks. The 3000' 114 E. Vance building was converted completely info custom fab, paint, manual machine shop, and service. This brought Scootworks up to about 10,000 sw. ft.

- 2007: Scootworks acquired a complete CNC mfg facility in Rocky Mount NC, and converted it to do most all of Scootworks manufacturing.

- 2008: Scootworks picked up another 5000' building at 112 E. Vance, and converted it into a machine shop, and relocated all machinery from Rocky Mount to this building. Additionally, Scootworks moved the hobby shop (East R/C) into the front portion of 112 E. Vance st. This brought Scootworks up to about 15,000 sw. ft. The downside of this was where our operations were scattered throughout 5 buildings, not a very good product flow for manufacturing, packaging, shipping, etc.

- 2009: Scootworks closed the walk-in retail part of the business. With the downturn of the economy and the impact on the motorcycle industry, we found it to no longer be profitable. We re-focused our business on our roots: Manufacturing new and innovative products for motorcycles.

- late-2011: Scootworks acquired a building on 112 N. Church street. MUCH larger with lots of potential for the future. Renovation of the space required started and pushed forward through the winter months.

- early 2012: Scootworks made the transition from the 5 old buildings and into the new facility. As of this writing (8/2012) renovations and expansions are still underway. All operations are now under one roof and flowing much more smoothly.

- mid-2013: Scootworks was dealt a hard blow when major rains in the early summer caused a roof collapse at the new location. We lost much, but were able to recover. The following few months were a serious struggle, but we pulled through.

- November 2013: Scootworks continued to streamline it's operations for the things that actually work well for us: Manufacturing, Dealer and Direct Sales. We set our service and customization operations up as "appointment only", and schedule only what we can handle while maintaining our manufacturing and shipping operations efficiently. We have new custom bike builds underway, and things are running smoothly as a much tighter, leaner ship. More to come...

From all of us at Scootworks, we thank you for your interest in us and our products, as we continue to build a long-term relationship with the motorcycling community from this site, as well as from our shop in Zebulon NC !

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Scootworks, Inc. - 112 N. Church Street - Zebulon, N.C. 27597
Phone (919) 269-0986 - Fax (919) 269-0977

Retail Showroom & Motorcycle Service Center

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