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Saddle Accessories, Gel Pads

  Saddle Accessories

Saddle Shields, Reflective Smoke (pr)

Kuryakyn Saddle Shields, Reflective Smoke (pr) - Ever sit in stop-in-go traffic or at that 4-way stoplight that never seems to change on a hot summers day and the heat coming off your motor is just about unbearable? Well we have the solution with our frame mounted polycarbonate shields that are perfectly positioned on the frame to dissipate and re-direct the heat away from you and your thighs. So on your next hot weather outing, let us recommend a pair of our Saddle Shields to help you enjoy your ride no matter how hot!

->#1186 Saddle Shields, Reflective Smoke (pr). Fits: All '00-'08 Softail Models (ex. Deuce) - $69.99  
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->#1187 Saddle Shields, Clear (pr). Fits: All '97-'07 Dressers and Road Kings - $DISCONTINU  
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->#1188 Saddle Shields, Reflective Smoke (pr). Fits '97-'07 Dressers and Road Kings - $69.99  
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->#1196 Saddle Shields, Reflective Smoke (pr). Fits '08 Dressers, Road Kings, Road Glide, Street Glide - $69.99  
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->#1197 Saddle Shields, Clear (pr). Fits '08 Dressers, Road Kings, Road Glide, Street Glide - $DISCONTIN  
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Gel Pad Models @ Scootworks

Front and Rear Pads in Place

Underside with Anti-Slip texture

Travelcade SaddleGel Gel Pads for your Saddle! - Scootworks stocks all sizes of saddle gelpads for your motorcycle seat, to help with fatigue on those long rides. Pads specially designed for the front (driver) seat, rear (passenger seat), and even an Extra Large pad for large saddles often found on touring bikes. These pads help absorb road shocks and vibration. A unique strap system ensures easy installation, fits all types of bikes. The harness system remains on the motorcycle even when the Gel Pad is removed for security. Gel Pads can be preheated or cooled to help make your ride more comfortable in adverse weather conditions. Covered in durable spandura for long lasting comfort, and the bottom has an anti-slip texture to help hold the pad in place!

->TRA-100FJ Gel Pad, Front - $89.95  
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->TRA-100RJ Gel Pad, Rear - $74.95  
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->TRA200J Gel Pad, Extra Large - $99.95  
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#9035 Universal Seat Release Screw and Beauty Cap Combo - This cool seat hold down fastener is one that we use in our own shop for adding a nice clean touch to hold the saddles on some of the bikes that we customize. This kit has a chrome cover that fits over most seat tabs for a deep, rich sparkle to the rear of the saddle. The two seat hold down bolts supplied with the kit are 1/4-28 fine thread, and 1/4-20 std thread. Provides a knurled knob head to additionally make saddle removal a snap. Click on the photo links below to see a close-up of the kit and see it installed.

#9035 Saddle Hold Down Kit - $21.99  
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