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Chrome Frame & Trim accessories

#8309 Vented Chrome Flush Mount Gas Cap

These slick flush mount gas caps have the high-tech look of aviation-style fuel fillers. The built in trim ring protects the painted surface around the filler opening from dings and gas stains. A keyed entry system permits their ultra thin profile and prevents tampering. This is a vented cap. Fits: 'All '82-'08 H-D tanks. - $59.99
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#8200 Phantom Covers, Chrome (pr)

Cover up the unsightly axle nuts, adjusters, etc. All hardware and instructions are included. They take only a few minutes to install.

Fits: All 86-07 Softails models (ex. 00-07 FLSTF, FXSTD; 05-07 FLSTN; 06-07 FXST, FXSTB, FXSTC, FXSTS)

Note: Will fit 00-06 FLSTF, 00-07 FXSTD, or 05-07 FLSTN if stock exhaust has been removed and replaced by a staggered dual or 2-1 system -

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#8239 Mid-frame covers

Create a smoother, creamier look by concealing unsightly frame welds with this luscious, chrome-plated steel cover. Installs easily in just a matter of minutes.

Fits: '08 Dressers, Road Kings, Road Glide and Street Glide -

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#2017 Chrome Clutch Cable Adjuster Cover

Here is a classy cover to hide the crude, zinc plated cable adjuster. It's simple, two piece design encapsulates the threaded adjuster. It installs in moments with easy to handle spring clips and can be removed just as quickly should you need to adjust your cable. Fits: 'All 87-05 H-D Models with Stock Cables and most Steel Braided Cables .355 in Diameter or Less. - $41.99


#2024 Chrome Clutch Cable Ferrule Accent

This is an easy to install trim cover for the clutch cable where it enters the transmission or primary cover. Fits clutch cables on '87-'99 Big Twin and '91-'05 XL's - $19.99
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Universal Kickstand Extension

Universal Chrome Kickstand Extension

This is a part that has been requested by lots of 'vertically challenged' riders, and now we have it! Makes reaching the kickstand from a seated position much easier for shorter riders. Easily installed... flip the kickstand up, place the extension in a place that clears the engine, mark the hole, flip the stand down, drill one hole and install. Below are links to pics of it in a generic application.

Universal Chrome Kickstand Extension - $OutOfStock
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Louvered & V-Style Reflector Grilles

Kuryakyn Reflector Grilles

Louvered and V-Style Reflector Grilles

These Louvered and V-Style Side Reflector Grilles are a two piece universal ABS chrome grille set. Fits 3-1/4" x 1-1/4" side reflectors.

#2-156A Louvered Chrome Reflector Grilles - $DISCONTIN (pair)  
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#53-112 V-Style Chrome Reflector Grilles - $12.95 (pair)  
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-> # 9001 Chrome Reflector Covers. Fits: Motorcycles with reflectors that are 3-5/16 by 1-1/4 or smaller with 1/4 of clearance around the reflector. - $19.99 (pair)  
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-> # 9002 Chrome Reflector Covers. Fits: Motorcycles with reflectors that are 3-1/2 by 1-3/8 or smaller with 1/4 of clearance around the reflector. - $19.99 (pair)  
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Chrome Flame Accents- Chrome plated laser cut steel FLAME accents. Easily attached with 'gorilla' adhesive tape, and WILL NOT fall off!

Chrome Flame Accents - 3-1/4" flame (pair) $17.96  

Chrome Flame Accents - 6" flame (pair) $35.96  

Chrome Flame Accents - 8" flame (pair) $44.96  

#8127 Horn Cover

3-1/2" & 3-1/4" Horn Covers

Horn Covers- Cool horn covers to fit a miltitude of bikes. These covers install easily, and add a touch of sparkle to your otherwise drab horn!

-> #7715 V-Shield kit. This kit works on H-D Big Twins (carbureted and injected) 92-05, as long as the stock horn is located between the cylinders. Also comes with some adapters and linkages for other fitment. - $69.99  
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-> 3-1/2" Slotted Horn Cover (BBP). Fits 3-1/2" round horns. $10.95

-> 3-1/4" V-Twin Horn Cover (BBP). Fits 3-1/4" round horns. $14.95

Universal Visors by 'Who Did It'

Meter/Instrument Visors -

The visors pictured by 'Who Did It, Inc.' are an attractive chrome visor that easily affixes to the instruments of several cruisers. Besides the sleek appearance, you'll really appreciate the reduction in glare with these visors installed! -

-> #4015 Universal Visor (Who Did It). Fits instruments of 3 3/4" diameter with at least 7/16" of exposed sidewall. Fits Road Glides, '04-'05 Sportster Customs, Victory Vegas & King Pin, and many other bikes. - $26.99
-> #4016 Universal Visor (Who Did It). Fits instruments of 3 1/4" diameter with at least 1/8" of exposed sidewall - $25.99