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Scootworks Custom Rear Axle Adjuster Bolt Covers

Cone Design

Reamer Design

Spade Design

Cone installed on VN800

Scootworks Rear Axle Adjuster Covers - Dress up your rear axle adjuster bolts with our axle adjustment covers. These are designed to thread onto the rear wheel axle adjustment bolts to hide the bolts/studs and locking nuts. Scootworks axle adjustment covers screw on and off easily whenever you need to adjust your chain or belt drive tension. Several styles available. If you have a specific application not listed here, with other thread or stud sizes,let us know...we can spin a custom set of for you. Email to shipper3 @ scootworks . com with custom fitment questions.

These are manufactured on our Haas CNC lathe to exacting specifications from 6061-T6 billet and polished to a beautiful shine. Shipped in pairs.

For Kawasaki
-> Fits VN800 $25.00 (pair)   BUY REAMER     BUY SPADE     BUY CONE    
-> Fits VN900 $25.00 (pair)   BUY REAMER     BUY SPADE     BUY CONE    
-> Fits VN2000 $25.00 (pair)   BUY REAMER     BUY SPADE     BUY CONE    

For Yamaha
-> Fits V-Star 950 $25.00 (pair)   BUY REAMER     BUY SPADE     BUY CONE    

Universal Fitment
-> For adjuster bolts, size m8 x 1.25 $25.00 (pair)   BUY REAMER     BUY SPADE     BUY CONE    
-> For adjuster bolts, size m10 x 1.25 $25.00 (pair)   BUY REAMER     BUY SPADE     BUY CONE    

Larger Photos of Axle Adjuster Covers
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