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Scootworks' BLX - Brake Line Extender

Easily Extend Hydraulic Brake & Clutch Hoses

Mock-up on typical 1" 'Beach Bar'

Attaches to handlebars for a clean method of extention.

No need to have an expensive custom multi-hose assembly fabricated, when you only need a few inches at the handlebars!

Available as a 'manifold only' for custom applications

Radiused bottom of a clean fit against your handlebars in an obscure location.

Full kit with manifold, extension hose, 2 banjo bolts, 4 copper crush washers, and attachment straps.

The BLX™ by Scootworks- Available for Handlebars of 1" and 1.25" in diameter. - A great and cost effective alternative to replacing the complete hydraulic hose system on bikes with ABS and/or coordinated braking!

This system was originally designed as an answer for obtaining more front brake hose on bikes with ABS or coordinated braking. A Honda VTX1800 is a good example, where the front brake hose is actually part of an integrated system with several hoses, and a simple longer front brake hose can't be installed. A custom build to lengthen the front brake hose in the handlbar area costs $500+! This alone prohibits many handlebars and handlebar risers from being installed for comfort or customization. You simply install our BLX100™ or BLX125™, blead the line, and you're finished.

Another great application for this is on baggers with dual front brake calipers, where access to the lower manifold and lower dual brake lines is difficult. The is an easy installation, and often less expensive than buying an extended front hose set for bike of that type.

The BLX100™ is for 1" handlebars, the BLX125™ is for 1.25" handlebars. This uses a conventional 10mm banjo size, and is compatable with most all H-D, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, etc. It can be purchased with the extension hose, or can be purchased as the manifold only (manifold, 2 banjo bolts, 4 crush washers, and mounting straps) for custom applications. This can also be used on bikes with a hydraulic clutch and avoid having to purchase the lengthy clutch hose...and MUCH easier to install, too!

The Scootworks BLX™ is also available for 7/8" & 1-1/2" handlebars on special request. Custom lengths are also available on special request.

-> Scootworks BLX100™ for 1" Handlebars, BLACK hose
-> Scootworks BLX100™ for 1" Handlebars, BRAIDED hose
-> Scootworks BLX125™ for 1-1/4" Handlebars, BLACK hose
-> Scootworks BLX125™ for 1-1/4" Handlebars, BRAIDED hose


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