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Handlebar Grips

Scootworks CNC Machined Billet Grips

Scootworks Billet grips w/PhatDome (L) & Spade (R) tips.

Flame grip w/Button tip.

Flame grip w/X-Treme tip.

Fully Customizable with our Adapter Kit!

CNC Machined Billet Grips - These awesome grips are CNC MACHINED... not the skim-cut rough cast parts imported by most of our competition. They're precision machined by us from a chunk of T6-6061 billet, hand fitted, layered with Tribal Flames and other artwork on the 4th axis, and chromed to perfection. These are some of the most unique grip sets on the market! The ends are convertable, and can be removed to add additional accessories or change the ends to easily alter your look. Check out the different tips available for these cool grips from Scootworks HERE 

These Billet grips by Scootworks are easily accessorized. Using our adapter kit below, you can add the Kuryakyn #6249 Stiletto Tips, #6250 ISO Throttle Boss, #6215 Iso-Caps w/black leather fringe, #6245 Maltese Cross End Caps, #6247 Kewlock Grip End Helmet lock, or #6243 Smooth End Caps found in the ISO-Grips section below. NOTE* - The adapter kit requires the use of a trim ring/accent ring in addition to the various accessory chosen, and can be found in the ISO-Grips section below. Check out these photos of just some of the possibilities for these grips: (photo)  (photo)  (photo)  (photo)  (photo) 

Designed to fit all Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha cruisers with 1" handlebars. You use your existing throttle tube, so there's no fussing with throttle cables & switch housings! A new Scootworks exclusive, sure to catch the attention of everyone who sees them on your bike.

While you're looking, click the following links to see our line of matching footpegs for: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, and H-D/American motorcycles.

Flamed Grip Designs
-> Scootworks Flamed Billet Grips w/PhatDome tips - $154.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)  (photo)  (instructions) 
-> Scootworks Flamed Billet Grips w/Spade tips - $154.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)  (photo)  (instructions) 
-> Scootworks Flamed Billet Grips w/Spike tips - $154.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)  (instructions) 
-> Scootworks Flamed Billet Grips w/Button tips - $154.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)  (instructions) 
-> Scootworks Flamed Billet Grips w/X-Treme tips - $154.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)  (instructions) 
-> Scootworks Flamed Billet Grips w/Shooter tips - $154.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)  (instructions) 
-> Scootworks Flamed Billet Grips w/Reamer tips - $154.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)  (instructions) 

Billet Grip Accessories
-> Scootworks Billet Accessory Adapter Kit - $19.95