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Goldwing Audio

Speakers, Antennas, Controls & acc. for Goldwing

GL1500/GL1800 Replacement 2-way Speakers

GL1500 & GL1800 Replacement Speakers - 30 watt speakers to replace your OEM units. 2-way speakers for full response and beautiful sound from your on-board radio system. Comes in pairs.

-> #13-102 Replacement FRONT 2-Way Speakers for GL1500 (front) & GL1800 (front & rear) - $44.96  
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-> #52-607 Rear Speaker Kit for GL1800. These speakers match the quality of the OEM speakers in sound, and have improved Weatherability by using a plastic coating over the inner cones. - $53.96  
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-> #52-717 Premium Rear Speaker Kit, GL1800. These 30 watt water resistant speakers use butyl rubber surrounding flex joints, a suspended tweeter, and offer better sound quality than OEM and others on the market. - $68.36  
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Cord Clips for communications connectors

GL1500 & GL1800 Connector Clips & Cord Keepers- These kits replace the front and rear OEM communication connector holders or cord keepers with hard ABS plastic pieces that firmly hold headset connectors or cords in place on the Honda GL 1500 and GL 1800. Comes in pairs and available in Chrome or Black finish.

-> #2-305 Chrome Connector Clips for GL1500 & GL1800 - $9.86  
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-> #2-306 Black Connector Clips for GL1500 & GL1800 - $8.96  
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-> #2-307 Chrome Cord Keepers for GL1500 & GL1800 - $9.86  
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-> #2-308 Black Cord Keepers for GL1500 & GL1800 - $8.96  
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-> #2-494 Easy Clip Cord Holder for GL1500 & GL1800. A single handed intercom cord holder that firmly holds the headset cord plug - $15.26  
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Tour Rear Speaker Accents

Tour Rear Speaker Accents, GL1500 - Beautifully chromed rear speaker covers for the GL1500 are a snap to install, and really dress up your old rear speaker covers!

-> #2-487 Tour Rear Speaker Accents for GL1500 - $26.96  
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