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Goldwing Pegs, Floorboards (Passenger)

Passenger Pegs and Passenger Floorboards for Goldwing

Passenger Floorboard Relocation Kit

Passenger Floorboard Relocation Kit - This relocation kit allows the repositioning of the passenger floorboards to any of 10 NEW position. Boards can be raised up to 3 5/8" higher than stock, and up to 1 1/2" forward from stock! These work on both the GL1500 and the GL1800.

-> Passenger Floorboard Relocation Kit, GL1500/GL1800 - $80.96  
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Transformer Floorboards

Transformer Floorboards for GL1500 & GL1800 - The coolest floorboard system ever. When retracted, the floorboard provides a beautiful large floorboard area for your passenger. Then, in the blink of an eye, a portion of the board flips up and forward, to provide the passenger with a set of unique highway pegs that are 4-1/2" higher and 5-1/2" forward of the stock footboard position! This provides your passenger with multiple foot positions, much more comfortable for those long rides.

-> 7000 Transformer Floorboards, '90-'00 GL1500 & GL1500SE - $DISCONTINU  
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-> 7001 Transformer Floorboards, GL1500 Aspencade - $DISCONTINU  
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-> 7005 Transformer Floorboards, GL1800 - $DISCONTINU  
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Passenger Floorboard Side Covers, GL1800

Passenger Floorboard Side Covers, GL1800 - Replaces the grey OEM trim pieces along the side of the passenger floorboards of the GL 1800.

-> #52-613 Chrome Passenger Floorboard Side Covers, GL1800 - $59.36  
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Chrome Passenger Flooorboard Bottom Covers, GL1800

Chrome Passenger Flooorboard Covers, GL1800 - This pair of chrome covers mount to the bottom of the factory passenger floorboards on the GL 1800, replacing the dull grey plastic covers. Installs easily with existing hardware.

-> #52-626 Chrome Passenger Floorboard Bottom Covers, GL1800 - $40.46  
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