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Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

Our helmet sizing chart is located at the bottom of the page. Use this chart to determine the correct size needed. 

Helmet Bags

Helmet Lock Extenders

Fog City Proshields

'Fast Hook' Helmet Quick Release Kit

3-Snap Flip Shield

Helmet Lock

Scott NoFog Wipe Cloths

Helmet Accessories-

Helmet Bags
-> Full Face, Fleece Lined, Helmet Bag- $16.00
-> Half Helmet Bag, leather - $20.00
-> 5-Snap Clear Shield, Wrap-around style - $DISCONTIN
BUY THIS ITEM    (photo)
-> 3-Snap Clear Shield, flip-up style - $9.95
BUY THIS ITEM    (shield down)   (shield up)
Fog Blocker
-> Scott 'No Fog' Cloths. Pre-treated, simply wipe your shield and/or goggles with this cloth, and eliminate the fog! - $DISCONTIN each
BUY THIS ITEM    (photo)
-> Fog City Proshields, Peel-And-Stick anti-fog film for your helmet face shield. Comes in Clear, Amber, and Smoke - $19.95 each
BUY Clear  Amber not avail  BUY Smoke    (photo)
Helmet Quick Releases
-> 'Fast Hook' Helmet Quick Release Kit. The BEST helmet quick release, ever! Fast Hook works on everything from helmets to backpacks. It attaches easily to strapping up to one inch in width. Fast Hook attaches to your helmet in seconds With no sewing. A patented center button lock allows a quick secure lock and release with a press of the Fast Hook Button. This quick release is even D.O.T. approved and certified! - $DISCONTIN

'Fast Hook' Helmet Quick Release Kit

Removable Ear Covers
-> Vega Removable Ear Covers (fits all XT and XTS series half helmets). A nice WARM addition to your 1/2 helmet for winter use! - $5.00 per pair
Helmet Locks
-> #4220 Helmet Lock. Easily attaches to engine guard and/or frame down tubes. - $ 26.99  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo on crashbar)   (photo)
-> #52-645 Show Chrome Dual Cruis Wing Helmet Lock Extensions - Extends your helmet lock d-ring connection to make helmet lock access much easier.$25.95 (pair) 
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)
Helmet Misc
-> #59-105 Helmet Visor Wiper - Worn on finger or thumb for quick and clean removal of water, snow or mud on helmet visor. Sold in a 3-pack. $9.956  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)


 Helmet Sizing Chart
This sizing chart indicates how you measure your head for helmet fit and how to determine the correct helmet  size that will fit you.
To measure for helmet fit:
Wrap a measuring tape around your head just above your eyebrows. Be sure to pull the tape comfortably snug. Take several measurements, to make sure you have the largest one. This is your circumference.  
Select your helmet: Determine which helmet will fit you by selecting the helmet size on the right hand side of the chart. 

Adult Helmet Sizing Chart
Inches Around Head CM Around Head Hat Size Helmet Size
20-1/2" 53 6-1/2 XS
20-7/8" 54 6-5/8 XS
21-1/4" 55 6-3/4 Small
21-5/8" 56 6-7/8 Small
22" 57 7 Medium
22-1/2" 58 7-1/8 Medium
22-7/8" 59 7-1/4 Large
23-1/4" 60 7-3/8 Large
23-5/8" 61 7-1/2 XL
24" 62 7-5/8 XL
24-1/2" 63 7-3/4 XXL
24-7/8" 64 7-7/8 XXL
Youth Helmet Sizing Chart
19.15"- 19.5" 49-50 n/a S
20.1"-20.45" 51-52 n/a M
20.87"-21.26" 53-54 n/a L