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Kawasaki Saddlebag Mounts, Hardbag Guards, Hardbag Trim


Pic of Easy-Bracket, uninstalled

Pic of Easy-Bracket installed on back of bag

Easy-Brackets for Kawasaki Cruisers - The ultimate quick release saddlebag mounting system. Has a built-in locking mechanism to keep your bags secure, yet easily removable with the twist of your key. Great for removing bags at the hotel when travelling, pulling the bags off for maintenance or cleaning, or just removing them to cruise without your luggage. When removed, only a tiny chrome fitting remains on your fender rail. Compatable with all soft or hardbags that we've tried. We've used these in our shop to install everything from Willie and Max softbags to hard fiberglass bags... and everything in between! The removable bracketry bolts directly to the back of your bags via 4 bolts supplied. Simply drill or punch a hole through the backside of your bags and attach. On softbags, we often fold the throw-over flap down behind the the bag and bolt the brackets on right over the top of need to cut the straps from the back of your soft bags! No additional supports or brackets are needed, this mounting system fully supports the bags and keeps them vertical (not tilting or leaning into your rear suspension or rear tire like most of the others!). This mounting system is the best thing going, and we've sold these systems like mad. Very durable black finish, and all hardware & instructions are supplied.

Vulcan 800
-> EasyBrackets for Vulcan 800A & 800 Classic, with or without sissybar- $147.20  

Vulcan 900
-> EasyBrackets for Vulcan 900 Custom & 900 Classic, with or without sissybar- $147.20  

Vulcan 1500 Classic
-> EasyBrackets for Vulcan 1500 Classic, without sissybar- $147.20  
-> EasyBrackets for Vulcan 1500 Classic, with sissybar- $147.20  

Vulcan 1600 Classic
-> EasyBrackets for Vulcan 1600 Classic, without sissybar (only)- $147.20  

Vulcan VN2000 Classic
-> EasyBrackets for Vulcan 2000, without sissybar- $147.20  
-> EasyBrackets for Vulcan 2000, with sissybar- $147.20  

Saddlebag Mounting Brackets/Rails for Soft Saddlebags

Mean Streak Saddlebag Mounts

Kawasaki Saddlebag Supports - These saddle bag mounting brackets are manufactured from solid steel and are chrome plated for a great look. The brackets mount to your fender and are designed to prevent your saddlebags from contacting your rear wheel and provide ample support for your saddlebags. Mounting hardware is included if required for your bike.

Vulcan 800
--> VN 800 Vulcan ("A" model and Classic) - $104.95  

Vulcan 900
--> VN 900 Vulcan [CWI] - $104.95  
-> VN 900 Vulcan [BB]- $69.95  
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Vulcan 1500 Classic
--> VN 1500 Vulcan Classic (96+) - $104.95  

Vulcan Mean Streak
--> Mean Streak 1500/1600 (all years) [CWI] - $104.95  
-> Mean Streak 1500/1600 (all years) [BB]- $disc  
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Vulcan 1600 Classic
--> VN 1600 Vulcan Classic - $104.95  

Vulcan VN2000
--> VN 2000 Vulcan [CWI] - $104.95  
-> VN2000 Vulcan [BB]- $69.95  
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 Saddle bag mounts for the VN 800 Drifter are sold below!

Hardbag Top Rails and Side Guards for Nomad Hard Saddlebags

Hardbag Side Guard Rails for Nomad 1500 Hardbags

Hardbag Side Guard Rails for Nomad 1600 Hardbags

Top Rails for Nomad Hardbags

Nomad Hardbag Guard Rails - Protect those EXPENSIVE hardbags on your Kawasaki Nomad with these beautifully chromed hardbag guards. The side guard rails surround your vulnerable saddlebags and help protect them from shopping carts, traffic cones, etc. One of the Scootworkers went down on his Nomad, and these side guard rails saved his $1000+ saddlebag from damage! The top rails help keep shoes/boots from scuffing the top finish on your hardbags when passengers are getting on and off of your bike. The top rails also add more cargo capacity for you to bungee to, without scratching your bags!

--> Side Guard Rails, FITS: Carb'd and F.I. Nomad 1500 ('99-'04...not 1600 Nomad) - $DISCONTIN (pair)  
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--> Top Guard Rails, FITS: Carb'd and F.I. Nomad 1500 ('99-'04), 1600 Nomad ('05+) - $DISCONTIN (pair)  
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Saddlebag Mounting Kits for the Vulcan Drifter 400 and 800

Left side shown with bag mount attached to the frame bracket for a secure mounting system. (notice fender rack, now available...see below...)

Right side shown with bag mount removed and the frame bracket blends right into your bike frame and is barely noticeable.

Shown installed on a 2000 Drifter 800 with F&S bags.

Scootworks NEW Driver Backrest and Luggage Rack Kit!

Drifter 400/800 Saddlebag Mounting Kit - Scootworks NEW DETACHABLE mounting system supports saddlebags independently of the rear suspension, so saddle bags don't move up and down with the rear wheel. No more bouncing of your saddlebag contents with the rear suspension. 

Our NEW DETACHABLE saddlebag mounting system comprises of 4 bracket supports (2 on each side). Small brackets mount SOLIDLY to your bike's frame on each side at 3 attachment points. The larger bag bracket is attaches SECURELY, to hold your prized saddlebags. The attachment bolts are easy to remove so that you can still show off your beautiful Drifter fender when the bags are not needed. You can easily re-attach your bags / bag brackets in a couple of minutes. No holes to drill, and no modifications are needed to your Drifter.

This bag mounting system was computer designed for an exact fit. The components were load simulated on FEPro (Finite Element Stress Analysis software) for load handling capability of 50lbs per saddlebag with a road noise of 10x (HEAVY bumping, worse than most can encounter in actual operation). They were tested in the field for over one year prior to initial release, with various modifications implemented to the design to improve stability, minimize flex while forcing heavy items into bags, and accommodate a wide multitude of accessories on Drifter motorcycles. These mounts _WILL NOT_ accidentally detach from the motorcycle when negotiating the roughest of terrain, nor will they flex and move about into the moving parts of your Drifter's rear suspension while under load. While this system is not "instantly removable", it is VERY secure, removes quickly while leaving the more difficult installation components in place, and won't allow your bags to be stolen by any passer-by!

Click the 'Description' link below for more details!

Model Years: All 
--> Detachable Saddlebag Mounting System - $OutOfStock  
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--> Rear Fender Rack (seen above) - $119.99  
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!!NEW!! Driver Backrest and Luggage Rack adapter for the Scootworks Detachable Saddlebag Mounts! Scootworks has developed a new mounting adapter to allow riders with our Detachable Saddlebag system the ability to have a Driver Backrest and/or luggage rack, if their bike is equipped with a solo saddle (like the Kawasaki Solo commonly found on the Drifter 800). Click HERE to go to our Kawasaki Backrest page and learn more!!



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