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Key Badges and Key Covers

Decorations and Covers for your Motorcycle Ignition Keys

Assorted Key Badges

Scootworks 'Smoothie' Key Badge

Iron Cross w/Skull Key Badge

Scootworks Motor Company (SMC) Billet Key Badge

Spiderweb Key Badge

Star of Texas Key Badge

Key Badges - These cool ignition key covers are permanently attached to the head of your key and helps hide the ignition switch. They are easily installed. They are actually universal, and most any motorcycle ignition that uses a flat key can be fitted with this awesome decoration.

The models shown on the left are shipped ready for installation of your key (you can file & fit most any flat ignition key), the ignition key cover, and detailed installation instructions. If you cut a key blank for this installation, key blanks should be cut BEFORE installation into the key badge, as most key cutting machines can not handle the key with the key badge installed.

These key badges are 1-1/4" (1.25") in diameter, so please make sure you have ample clearance around your ignition switch to accomodate these beautiful key badges. Here are pictures of a few of these models installed on motorcycle ignition switches:


-> Scootworks Motor Company (SMC) Key Badge Kit - $25.00  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo - top view)  (photo - side view)

-> Smoothie Key Badge Kit - $25.00  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)

-> Iron Cross w/Skull Key Badge Kit - $25.00  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo - top view)

-> Spiderweb Key Badge Kit - $25.00  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo - top view)

-> Star of Texas Key Badge Kit - $25.00  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo - top view)