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Scootworks Lighting Mounts

Hollow Lighting Mounts, m10 x 3/8-16

Hollow Lighting Mounts, m8 x 3/8-16

Hollow Lighting Mounts - The Hollow Stud Mounting kits allow installation via fender rail bolts, where the wire is totally concealed within the light and mount. The hollow mounting stud replaces the rear fender rail or similar bolt, and provides a threaded stem for the light to attach. The wire passes through the center of the stud and under the fender, completely invisible from the outside. These are available in two sizes:

8mm diameter mounts (like those used on the Honda Ace 750, Kawasaki Vulcan 800/1500, etc), some Victory & Triumph

10mm diameter mounts (for mounting on the Honda Spirit 750 and other bikes with m10x1.25 fender rail bolts).

These have wrench flats machined in for easy installation. The opposite end of the adapter is 3/8-16 for use with most all aftermarket lighting.

-> Hollow Lighting Mounts, m10 x 3/8-16 $23.95   BUY THIS ITEM    
-> Hollow Lighting Mounts, m8 x 3/8-16 $12.99   BUY THIS ITEM    

Scootworks Single Post Headlight Adapter - This new adapter is designed to work with the Scootworks 4 Degree Raked trees for the VN800. It can also be used on the VN800/1500 Classic, to adapt any number of H-D style headlights that use a single point mount for installation. You can see a typical headlight in the photos below.

-> Scootworks Single Post Headlight Adapter $49.95   BUY THIS ITEM    

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