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Miscellaneous Motorcycle Parts

Universal Vista Cruise, Motorcycle Cruise Control- Mounts to your throttle grip to ease your riding. This Vista Cruise lock is great for long distance or highway riding. Flip the thumb switch down and it locks your throttle in position. Throttle can still be rotated manually without unlocking the thumb switch. This is the most popular motorcycle cruise control on the planet, and in use by most all of the Scootworkers. You will love this easily installed addition to your cruiser!

Don't know what diameter your handlebars are? Here's a quick and easy way to find out... Simply put a tape measure around your handlebar, if it measures approx. 3 1/4" around, it is a 1" diameter handlebar. If it measures approx. 2 3/4" around, it is a 7/8" diameter handlebar.

Vista Cruise Control for 7/8" Diameter Handlebars- $32.49  
Vista Cruise Control for 1" Diameter Handlebars- $32.49  

#4220 Helmet Lock- This helmet lock mounts to any 7/8 through 1-1/4 bar. The chrome lock mounts to handlebars, engine guards or whatever. Also works well as a padlock holder.  

#4220 Helmet Lock - $ 26.99  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo on crashbar)

#MC940 Universal Cigarette Lighter Kit - This universal cigarette lighter kit comes with the outer shell for mounting, only requires 1 hole for mounting in dash, side cover, etc.  

#MC940 - $28.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (photo)

#1423 Power Point Kit - Perfect for plugging in your cell phone, iPod, air pump or any other electrical devices taken on the road. This power point/cigarrette lighter will keep them charged. Built into our silver bullet light housing, this beauty mounts on 1" handlebars or on any 1" bar and comes with everything you need to connect directly to your battery or acessory harness.  

#MC940 - $79.99  
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#6028 Marlin's Signature Series Clock - This clock is the highest quality anti-vibration timepiece on the market for motorcycle use. It's waterproof, has a chrome plated stainless steel case with a black face, large white hands and print for great visibility. Mounts to any 7/8" or 1" handlebar or tubular surface.  

#6028 Marlin's Signature Series Clock - $74.99  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

'Candlepower' Polished Aliminum Horns

'Rivco' 128db Chromed Air Horns

'Rivco' 118db Chromed Electric Horns

!LOUD Horns! - These horns are LOUD! The generic air horn set from 'Candlepower' have polished aluminum horn bells, are for universal mounting, and are best used in hidden locations (not as pretty as the Rivco Horns). The Chromed air horn sets by Rivco are best for external (not hidden) applications due to their finish, and boast a 128db horn signal level. The dual Rivco Electric Horns generate a LOUD 118 db blast (louder than most autos!), and are easy to install due to small size and no compressor to deal with. Both air horn sets come with tubing, compressor, horn relay, and misc bracketing. Bracket fabrication may be required on some installations.

Candlepower Aluminum Air Horns - Generic fit, best for hidden locations due to matte finish $61.95  
BUY THIS ITEM  (LH pic, under tank on Vulcan 800) (RH pic, under tank on Vulcan 800)

Rivco Chrome Air Horns #AHMULTI - FITS:
HONDA: VLX600 / VLX600 Deluxe, VT700, 750 Spirit, 750 Ace
KAWASAKI: VN700/VN750 (pre-'86)
SUZUKI: VL800 Volusia, Boulevard C50, VS1400 Intruder, Boulevard S83
YAMAHA: V-Star 650 Classic/Custom, Virago 750 w/engine guards, V-Star 1100 Classic/Custom, Virago 1000&1100 w/engine guards, Road Star 1600/1700
VICTORY: V92C, V92C Deluxe, Kingpin, Vegas, Hammer, Touring Cruiser, 8-Ball
INDIAN: Spirit ('01), Scout ('02)
HARLEY-DAVIDSON: FX/FXE/FXEF Super Glide ('70-'85), FXDG Disc Glide ('83), XL1200C Custom ('96-'98), XLH883 (all years), XLH 883 Hugger (all years), XL 883 C/L ('02-'06)

BUY THIS ITEM  (Horns) (Vulcan 1500) (Intruder 1400) (Valk) (fitment chart)

Rivco Chrome Air Horns #AHVUL - FITS:
KAWASAKI: VN750A (86+), VN 800A, VN800B (Classic), VN800 Drifter, VN900 Classic,VN 1500 Classic (Carb'd & F.I.), VN1500 Drifter, VN1500 Nomad, VN1600 Classic, VN1600 Mean Streak, VN2000, VN2000 Limited

BUY THIS ITEM  (Horns) (Vulcan 1500) (Intruder 1400) (Valk) (fitment chart)

Rivco Chrome Air Horns #AHVTX13 - FITS:

BUY THIS ITEM  (Horns) (fitment chart)

Rivco Chrome Air Horns #AHVTX - FITS:

BUY THIS ITEM  (Horns) (fitment chart)

Rivco Chrome Air Horns #AHHD - FITS:
INDIAN: Cheif '99-'02 (requires H-D rubber mount horn bracket)
SUZUKI: VL1500 LC Intruder, Boulevard C90 & C90T
HARLEY-DAVIDSON: Road Glide ('98+), Ultra Classic Electra Glide ('89+), Electra Glide Standard ('96+), Electra Glide Classic ('86-'95), Street Glide ('06+), Electra Glide Sport ('77-'93), Road King & Custom ('94+), Road King Classic ('96+), Heritage Softail ('86-'90), Heritage Softail Classic ('87+), Fat Boy ('90+), Softail Springer Classic ('89+), Nostalgia/Deluxe ('93 & '05 only), Heritage Special ('94-'96), SOftail Standard ('84-'90 & '99+), Softail Custom ('87-'99), Duece ('00+), Night Train ('99+), Bad Boy ('95-'97), Dyna ('93+), Dyna Low Rider ('94-'00), Low Rider ('82-'94), Low Rider Custom ('87-'94), Low Rider ('77-'85), Dyna Wide Glide ('93+), Wide Glide ('80-'85), XL1200C ('99+), XL1200 & R Roadster ('96+), XL1200S Sport ('96-'04), XLH1200 ('88-'96)

BUY THIS ITEM  (Horns) (fitment chart)

Rivco Chrome Dual Electric Horns - 118 db horn blast from a pair of chrome dual electric horns!

BUY THIS ITEM  (Horns) (Horn Display)

Rivco Aux. Relay. Recommended for use when installing our Rivco Electric horns.


Coin Holder Kit- Show Chrome plated, die-cast coin holder is designed to store a generous amount of coins and folding money on motorcycle handlebars. The holder attaches to a permanently mounted vibration free bracket. Quickly disconnects for total security.

Coin Holder Kit, Universal Mount- $26.96  
Coin Holder Kit, Handlebar Mount- $29.95  

Compact Jumper Cables

Compact Jumper Cables- These compact jumper cables are 10' long and constructed with heavy duty 10 gauge copper wire, providing a lifetime of use. The small 50 amp clamps are maneuverable in tight spaces and are the perfect safety item for motorcycles. Don't be stranded without these!

Compact Jumper Cables- $DISCONTINU (pair)  

Battery Tender Jr.

Battery Tender Jr.- The Battery Tender Jr's lightweight, compact size makes it ideal for those hard-to-fit spots. The 'trickle charger with a brain' will assure batteries are maintained after charging and allows you to always be ready to go! Comes with quick-connect clamps for universal use, as well as a plug-in harness for installation on your motorcycle battery. You leave the short 'pig-tail' connected to your bike, and simply plug it in, when you're ready to charge. Tuck it away in a side cover or under the seat when not in use. Connect and disconnect the Battery Tender in seconds! Helps extend battery life during cold weather and periods of time when you seldom ride.

Battery Tender Jr.- $31.23  

Scootworks Kickstand Foot/Drink Coaster

Kickstand Foot

Kickstand feet- Keep one of these babies in your windshield bag or saddlebag to help keep your bike upright in sand of when on hot asphalt. Simply stick it under the stand when you park to distribute the load across a much larger area. Cheap insurance!

-> Scootworks Kickstand Foot & Drink Coaster. GREAT DEAL! Satin black high impact molded kickstand foot has a patented spiderweb reinforced base for non-skid strength. This compact foot distributes the load of your kickstand across a much larger area to help prevent sinking into sand and hot asphalt. Easily slips into pocket or windshield bag, and doubles as a cool drink coaster! - $1.99  
BUY THIS ITEM     (photo 1) (photo 2) (photo 3) (photo 4)
-> Basic Kickstand Foot. Color varies- $DISCONTIN  
-> Black Molded foot w/recess - $8.96  
-> Cool HD Cast Aluminum Foot w/recess- $20.66  

Disc Brake Locks

Heavy-Duty Locks

Cable Locks

Wheel, Disc Brake, Cable, Bag, and Gear Locks - Locks, locks, locks...we've got'm! We've chosen the best of the best, that are the most preferred in our retail showroom, and have them here for you to choose from. There's a lock here for practically every biker's needs.

-> TriMax Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock #T665LC. 10mm Lock Pin, 3 Ultra-Secure keys, one key equipped with mini-flashlight, safety/reminder cable, and storage pouch! - $DISCONTIN  
-> #4223 Disc Brake Lock. Fits practically every disc brake rotor on the road! - $DISCONTINU  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> #13-2201 Bully Round Disc Brake Lock. Fits most all disc brake rotors, and can be used on many steering head locks. - $11.35  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> #13-2210 Bully heavy duty Disc Brake Lock. Fits most all disc brake rotors with large oval slots. - $25.60  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> #13-2202 Bully Disc Lock Reminder. Connects to your disc brake lock and loops up to your handlebars to remind you to remove the disc rotor lock before you ride. Trust me... you NEED this reminder if you use any brand of disc brake lock! (voice of experience talking...). It'll save you much heartache and repair costs later!- $4.74  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> #kc-2210139 Kryptonite Small Cable Lock. Comes with 5' long x 8mm dia. sheathed steel cable to keep things secure without scratching your bike! - $DISCONTIN  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> #64-1160 Kryptonite Large Cable Lock. Comes with 6' long x 5/8" dia. sheathed steel cable to keep things secure without scratching your bike! - $DISCONTIN  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> #4010-0050 Cable Lock. Retractable cable lock with built-in programmable 3 digit security lock - $21.95  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> #404141L Kuryakyn Cable Lock. Retractable cable lock with built-in programmable 3 digit security lock, great for locking helmets, luggage, etc. - $14.99  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

Chrome Cable Covering

Spring-style Chrome Hose/Wiring Covering

Chrome Cable Covering- This synthetic Chrome Cable Covering is available in various sizes, allowing it to hide most electrical accessory lighting wiring in chrome. Synthetic non-conductive composition makes it great for covering electrical wiring.

The Spring-type covering (2nd photo on left) is similar to that found on the hydraulic hoses of many motorcycles as shipped from the factory. Our covering is chrome plated to a high luster, unlike most of the OEM covering. It can also be used on electrical wiring, and it's steel composition holds shape well in tight bends. This is packaged in packs of 3 pieces, each being 19-1/2" long and 5/8" in diameter.

Chrome Cable Covering, 3/16" diameter x 5', spiral wrap - $8.96  
Chrome Cable Covering, 5/16" diameter x 5', spiral wrap - $7.95  
Chrome Cable Covering, 3/8" diameter x 3.5', split down one side - $Discontinu
Spring-type Chrome Cable Covering- $39.95 (pkg of 3)  

Chrome Handlebar Wire Clips

Chrome 7" Zip Ties, 10 pack

Chrome Handlebar Wire Clips and Ties- These clips are designed to snap into the holes on the underside of your handlebars to cleanly route your wiring and/or cables from the switch heads and controls down towards the triple trees. They can be installed in smooth bars by drilling holes for them to snap into, or simply replace the black plactic guides already installed on your bars. The wire ties are made of nylon, chrome plated, and are 7" long zip ties in a 10-pack.

Chrome Handlebar Wire Clips, 3/8" diameter - $DISCONTIN  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
Chrome Handlebar Wire Clips, 1/2" diameter - $DISCONTIN  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
Chrome Nylon Zip Ties, 7" long, 10 pack - $13.95  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

The Throttle Rocker

Throttle Rocker- The Throttle Rocker is a device that wraps around the throttle grip of your motorcycle. The end protrudes out from the grip to form a contoured portion that comfortably fits the heel and palm of your hand. Using the heel of your hand, you apply downward pressure on the Throttle Rocker and the throttle grip rotates. Throttle Rocker is contoured to comfortably fit the palm and heel of your hand so that those long rides are more enjoyable. Can be used with the Universal Cruise Control above. Now available, throttle rocker for the LH grip... a great fatigue buster on the long rides.

Throttle Rocker- $10.44  
BUY THIS ITEM (description)
Throttle Rocker (LH Side Rocker!)- $10.99  
BUY THIS ITEM (description)

Standard Green Light Trigger HP

Green Light Trigger- The Green Light Trigger attaches to the bottom of any bike and helps make the bike more "visible" to traffic signal controllers. The result is that bikes with Triggers get stuck at red lights far less often than those without. Features:

  • Easy installation 
  • Nearly invisible in use 
  • No batteries or wiring 
  • Does not interfere with the bike's electronics 
  • Zero maintenance 
-> Green Light Trigger HP. The highest power Green Light Trigger yet. Outsells our Green Light Trigger Standard by 5 to 1, as folks love it! - $23.50  

Bungee Nets

Bungee Cords

Bungee Nets- Our bungee nets and cords are some of those items that every biker needs. Strap down lots of small items with the handy bungee nets, and even larger ones with the heavy duty 10mm diameter bungee cords. The hooks are covered with a scratch resistant covering so that they will not scratch your bike's finish, and the tips have rubber covers for added protection. The nets come in a handy re-sealable clear plastic package to provide a compact way to store them in your saddlebags without getting tangled in everything else in your bags!

-> Bungee Net (Black)- $3.99 each 

-> Bungee Net (Red)- $3.99 each 

-> Bungee Cord, 23" CROSS cord (2ea. 23" bungee cords) - $3.95 each
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

-> Bungee Cord, 10.5" cord - $2.50 each
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

-> Bungee Cord, 19" cord - $2.95 each
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

Ancra Nylon 3500 lb. Soft-Ties

Ancra 4500 lb. Heavy-Duty Tie Down

Pingel brand Wheel Chocks

Nylon Soft Ties & Tie-Down Straps by 'Ancra', and Removable Wheel Chocks by Pingel - These are the soft ties and tie down straps Scootworks personally uses to tie down and transport our show bikes, personal motorcycles, etc. We also use Pingel removable wheel chocks in all of our trailers for strength and dependability. Folks kept calling and coming in our retail store and asking for what we trusted and used, so here they are!

-> Soft-Tie Nylon Straps. These Heavy-Duty 18" long looped nylon tie-down straps are rated 3,500 lb. assembled strength. Perfect for securing your bike in/on a trailer around the triple tree, handlebars, risers, etc.- $4.46 (pair)  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> Soft-Tie Nylon Straps, similar to the soft-ties above, except black in color.- $7.95 (pair)  
-> 1000lb. Light-Duty Tie-Down Straps. These light duty tie down straps are perfect for back-up strapping when transporting your bike in a truck body or on a trailer. Never use only one set of tiedowns! ALWAYS use two sets of soft ties and two sets of tie downs on the front of your bike for security. These are the straps we use as a 'backup strap', along with a set of the heavy duty straps below, when transporting our bikes. - $28.95 (pair)  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)   (specs)
-> 4500lb. Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps. These heavy-duty tie down straps are perfect as your primary strapping when transporting your bike in a truck body or on a trailer. Never use only one set of tiedowns! ALWAYS use two sets of soft ties and two sets of tie downs on the front of your bike for security. These are the straps we use as the primary strap, along with a set of the light duty straps above as a 'backup strap', when transporting our bikes. - $DISCONTIN (pair)  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)   (specs)
-> #WC650 Pingel Brand Removable Wheel Chocks. this 6-1/2" wide Pingel Wheel Chock handles up to a 165-series tire, virtually every front tire on most all cruisers will fit right in. Comes with all of the hardware to install the sockets on your bike trailer or truck bed's floor, so the wheel chock can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds. - $76.95 (each)
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)   (photo)   (photo)

6x9 U.S. Flag

6x9 POW/MIA Flag

Bike Flags- These flags are 6" x 9" double sided and made of heavy duty polyester. They fit 3/8" diameter pole, and come with "o"-ring to secure them to the correct height on your mounting mast.

6" x 9" U.S. Flag- $6.95  

6" x 9" POW/MIA Flag- $6.95  

6" x 9" Canadian Flag- $6.26  

Flag Pole w/Eagle & American Flag- This fole mount clamps to ant 1/2" diameter structure like trunk rail or rack, rear bumper trim rails, tubular tail racks, etc. Comes with heavy duty polyester flag and o-rings to keep flag in place. This model flag pole does not fold down. $29.95  

Pole Mount for Flag- Die cast chrome plated mount and pole attaches to the antenna on Valkyrie, Goldwing, etc. Fold down feature for for ease when putting on bike covers. $89.95  

#4215 Kuryakyn Flag, Pole and Holder - Fits Tubular Luggage Rack on GL1500 or any other 1/2" tubing applications (fender bumpers, tubular luggage racks on other bikes, etc) $DISCONTINU  

License Plate Mounted Flagpole/Flag

License Plate Mounted Flagpole/Flag - This is the perfect answer for those of you who are having trouble locating a flag pole and flag that fits your bike correctly. Easy to install & adjust. Fits most any motorcycle, and comes complete with 4-1/2" x 8-1/2" American Flag, 12" chrome staff, and hardware needed for installation.

-> License Plate Mounted Flagpole/Flag - $DISCONTINU
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo) 

Valve Stem Covers

CO2 Inflator and Refills

Tire Stuff - Valve Stem covers to add the finishing touch to your wheels, Air Pressure Gauges to keep the pressure in check, and CO2 Inflators and Refills to get you back up and rolling quickly!

-> Ribbed Valve Stem Covers- $8.96 (pair)  
-> Eagle Valve Stem Covers- $13.46 (pair)  
-> Iron Cross Valve Stem Covers- $4.41 (pair)  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> Skull Valve Stem Covers- $4.41 (pair)  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> Tire Air Pressure Gauges - $3.95 (pair)  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> UltraFlate + CO2 Tire Inflator. Refills tires instantly from a small CO2 container...easily stored in windshield bag or tool roll, COMPACT Security for your tires! - $DISCONTIN  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)
-> Moose CO2 Tire Inflator Refills for UltraFlate+ - $DISCONTIN  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

Mechanic's Tank Protector

Mechanic's Tank Protector- Mechanic's apron offers a protective cover for the gas tank to prevent scratches and dings while working on the bike. Non-marring felt back. Complete with two handy pockets. Velcro® strap attaches around the yoke on most cruiser motorcycles.

Mechanic's Tank Protector- $29.95  

eCaddy Cell Phone and Electronics Handlebar Mount

eCaddy Handlebar Mount - The coolest chrome handlebar mount of all time! Attaches to 1" diameter handlebars, and allows quick and easy mounting of any electronics device equipped with a belt clip. This is the perfect mount for cell phones, MP3 and audio players, etc. Beautifully chrome finished to compliment your motorcycle's controls.

eCaddy Electronics Mount - $DISCONTIN  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

1421 Universal Handlebar Accessory Mount

1421 Universal Handlebar Accessory Mount - Easily mount your cell phone, mp3 player and almost any portable device directly to your handlebars using this mount. The quick detach mounting plate leaves a simple clamp when it is not in use.

• Drilled with Standard 4-Hole AMPS pattern
• Includes Hood and Loop Straps
• Accepts most belt clips

1421 Universal Handlebar Accessory Mount - $DISCONTINU  
BUY THIS ITEM   (photo)

Chrome License Plate Bolts

Chrome License Plate Bolts - The chrome button head is a M6 x 16 w/chrome acorn nut. The Bullet bolt is a bullet shaped chrome plated cone with a 1/4-20 stud, lockwasher, and nut. The Skull bolt is a chrome plated skull with a 1/4-20 stud, lockwasher, and nut. They are sold in singles or multiples of 2 or 4. If you want other amounts, simply click on the single 'Buy One' link, and correct the final number when you go to your shopping cart at checkout.

Chrome Button Head w/Chrome Acorn - $1.75  
BUY 1  BUY 2  BUY 4    (photo)
Chrome Bullet Head w/nut, washer, & stud - $1.50  
BUY 1  BUY 2  BUY 4    (photo)   (photo)
Chrome Skull Head w/nut, washer, & stud - $2.50  
BUY 1  BUY 2  BUY 4    (photo)   (photo)

Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench- This slim-line wrench is just what the doctor ordered to slip behind fairings, radiator covers, etc to gain access to your oil filter. We use these in our shop, and find that they fit just about every external motorcycle oil filter on the market!

Oil Filter Wrench- $11.66