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Scootworks' NEW PhatStix™ Handlebar Risers

Awesome Fatty Risers for 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" Handlebars!

3" PhatStix™ for 1" Handlebars

8" PhatStix™ Installed on Victory Kingpin w/ 1.5" Handlebars

PhatStix™ Stackable Extensions add up to 4" more inches in height are keyed for a positive fit!

3" PhatStix™ for 1-1/4" Handlebars

PhatStix™ being turned from 6061-T6 Aircraft Billet!

3" PhatStix™ for 1-1/2" Handlebars

PhatStix™ with optional cap engraving for clob logos, nicknames, etc.

PhatStix™ by Scootworks- Available for Handlebars up to 1.5" in diameter!! - These handlebar risers have been in development since early 2011 and were created for perfect fitment on your motorcycle.

They come with their own upper handlebar clamps for mounting, and do not require any drilling of the triple trees! A direct bolt-on accessory for your bike.

CAD designed and CNC machined from T6 (6061) billet to Scootworks' strict specifications, specially designed to work with your motorcycle. All hardware is included to mount the risers to your bike, and to attach the handlebars. Pricing for Polished or Gloss Black: $149.99 (3"), $159.99 (5"), $169.99 (7") **NOTE** Be sure to state in the 'COMMENTS' section of the shopping cart during checkout if you want Polished or Gloss Black.

RISE and PULLBACK: A by-product of a "straight" riser is, addition to rise, also additional pullback. The numbers below are based on an average stock mount being about 1.5" tall, and an average top tree angle of 35 degrees. Remember... rise is adjustable, based on where you place the grip height prior to tightening the top caps. Rise amounts in the info below is based on you placing the bar back at the same exact angle as in the original installation before tightening the top caps.

3" PhatStix provide 1" of additional grip rise, 1-1/4" of additional grip pullback
5" PhatStix provide 2-1/8" of additional grip rise, 2-3/4" of additional grip pullback
7" PhatStix provide 3-1/4" of additional grip rise, 4-1/2"" of additional grip pullback

Calculate rise and pullback increase by first entering your stock geometry, then change the 'Riser Length' to that of one of the PhatStix models and recalculate. The difference is the gain in rise and pullback for your specific bike. Only enter data into the fields in RED. Note** Stock Riser Length is the distance from the top of the tree to the center of the hole where the handlebar passes through.
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Scootworks PhatStix™ for Harley-Davidson
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for Most H-D _except_ V-Rod-
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for V-Rod-
Scootworks PhatStix™ for Victory
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for Victory-
Scootworks PhatStix™ for Honda
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for most Honda Cruisers-
Scootworks PhatStix™ for Kawasaki
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for most Kawasaki Cruisers _except_ VN1700s-
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for Kawasaki VN1700s-
Scootworks PhatStix™ for Suzuki
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for most Suzuki Cruisers-
Scootworks PhatStix™ for Yamaha
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for most Yamaha Cruisers-
Scootworks PhatStix™ for Triumph
-> Scootworks' PhatStix™ for most Triumph-


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