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Polishing and Cleaning Products

Polishes & Cleaners

Scootwash Motorcycle Wash & Conditioner- Formulated specifically to Scootworks' specifications, our motorcycle wash is a strong yet gentle cleaner that washes away dirt and road grime and leaves your motorcycle sparkling clean!

Scootwash has a neutral Ph to minimize water spotting even with hard water.** Gentle on all finishes and will not harm waxed finishes. Scootwash is Phosphate free and fully biodegradable. 

Scootwash is a concentrated formula, use only 1-2 ounces per gallon of water... One gallon of Scootwash makes up to 128 gallons of wash. Compare this to other washes and see how economical Scootwash is.

 Scootwash is safe for use on motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, automobiles, trucks, boats, jet skis... you name it!

Scootwash - Motorcycle Wash and Conditioner- 1 U.S. gallon (3.79 liters)- $14.95
** As with any cleaner, road film from riding on wet roads and dirt may need to be wiped with hand or rag while rinsing, depending on buildup. In severe cases, water spots can develop as a result of hard water in your locale. Towel drying may be required to minimize water spotting in cases of hard water.

Liquid Performance Spray Cleaner

World Famous Honda Spray Cleaner - now off of the market and no longer available. Known around the world as being one of the most popular spray cleaners ever, we began a Search and Test effort to find a suitable replacement. After much testing, we've located another cleaner that can stand up to the reputation of original Honda spray cleaner (if this isn't the same formula, it really has us fooled!). We buy this great cleaner in quantities that allow us to pass the savings along to you. Check around... you'll be hard pressed to find this spectacular cleaner any cheaper!

-> Liquid Performance Spray Cleaner, 5 oz can. Perfect size to drop in your saddlebags! - $DISC
-> Liquid Performance Spray Cleaner, 14 oz can. Large size, and best value! - $5.99

Stroud's Pure Carnauba Wax!

Stroud's Pure Carnauba Wax - This is the real deal... Back in the day, carnauba wax was easily found, but now there are so many waxes with cleaners and other fancy additives, it's nearly impossible for one to find the real thing. This is PURE carnauba liguid, the absolute BEST wax to apply to your motorcycle's paint. If your paint is in good shape and doesn't need buffing/polishing, don't settle for anything less than this stuff. Leaves your paint looking wet, and makes it tough for bugs and other crud to stick to your paint...making cleaning much easier. Packaged right here in Pine Tops, NC by the legendary Stroud family!

Stroud's Pure Carnauba Wax, 32 oz. Pump Bottle. - $9.99  
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Luster Pad

Luster Lace comes is 3 sizes and a combo jar

Luster Super Pad for polishing large areas

Luster Seal Polish & Sealant

Luster Detailer

Luster Lace Microfiber Cloth

Luster Lace Billet and Chrome Polishes- Luster Lace Polishing Strips and Luster Pad were both RECOMMENDED by Motorcycle Consumer News in their 1996 metal polish test of 28 products and again in Classic Auto Restorer in December 1998 in a metal polish test of 32 products. We went up against all the name brands and out-shined them!

Makes polishing billet aluminum a simple and easy task. LUSTER LACE™ Metal Polishing Strips, the only patented metal polish on the market. LUSTER LACE™ Polishing Strips clean and polish 360 degrees around so you don't miss a spot.

The Scootworkers recommend Luster Lace polishes and sealants for keeping the great shine on our PhatRisers™, and all of our billet parts. We even include a sample pack of Luster Lace with our risers.

-> Luster Pad- The polish is in the cloth. Luster Pad is perfect for flat and uneven surfaces like our handlebar risers, speedometer nacelles, etc. Just cut off a piece and it's ready to use. Luster Pad jar contains 3/4" x 5' of Luster Pad to shine and polish lots of items around your house and garage.- $9.95  
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-> Luster Lace Polishing Strips- Luster Lace polishing strips is a polishing system like no other. Developed specifically for round and tubular objects, Luster Lace polishes all the way around in one motion. Perfect for polishing the spokes in your wheels, levers, etc. Luster Lace Polishing Strips comes in three convenient sizes:


-> Super Pad- For all your large areas, Super Pad has the same high quality cleaner/ polish as Luster Pad, but in a 5-1/4" pad to polish large areas fast.- $5.95  
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-> Luster Seal Polish & Sealant- Clean, Preserve and protect your shine. Luster seal polish and sealant is an advanced non-abrasive acrylic formula specially formulated to clean, preserve, and protect chrome, clear coat fiberglass, painted or bare metal surfaces like billet aluminum. (8 oz. bottle)- $10.45  
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-> Luster Detailer- Use between washing to keep that just polished shine. Luster Detailer is specially formulated to clean without scratching and leaves a smooth, deep shine with a protective water repellent coat. This is a great waterless bike wash!


-> Luster Lace Microfiber Cloth- This new microfiber cloth is unlike anything you have used before. It's safe for your fine surfaces, is lint free and machine washable (16" x 16" cloth). Perfect for final polishing, and a must when using our Novus plastic polishes below! - $5.95  
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Flitz Polishing Paste

Flitz Liquid Cleaner, 500 ml. bottle

Flitz Polishes- World Famous cleaning products for cleaning and polishing chrome and stainless steel...ask any Fireman you know, this stuff is often shipped and recommended by most Fire Truck manufacturers. We have sold LOADS of this stuff to our local Fire Departments for polishing and protection of all the chrome on those big rigs!  
-> Metal Polishing Paste- This polishing paste cleans, polishes and leaves a protective film. Removes yellow and blue from exhaust pipes, great for removing discoloration and contamination/light rust from chrome. Available in 2 sizes.
-> Liquid Metal Polish- The same cleaning and polishing characteristics as the paste, but in liquid form.- $DISCONTINU  
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'Blue Away' metal polish

Blue Away metal polish- When our Flitz metal polish above can't quite get those heavy stains or metal discoloration from your pipes, this is the stuff you need! Removes the most stubborn of blue and gold from your exhaust pipes. This metal polish has a mild abrasive and chemical mix that makes for an agressive metal cleaner and polish for the toughest jobs you might have.


#CC-82 Blue Away metal polish - - $23.95  
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Bike Brite 32oz. Spray Cleaner

Bike Brite Cleaner 64oz. Refill

Helmet Liner Freshener

Power Coat and Engine Black Revitilizer

UV Protectant and Cleaner for Painted Surfaces

Motokit Complete Detailing Kit

Bike Brite Products- This complete line of awesome cleaners is legendary, from the Spray-on and Hose-off Bike Brite Spray Cleaners, to the Detailing Kits, Helmet Fresheners and more! Make your engine look freshly painted with MotoBlack, and the rest of your bike look new. The Motokit is a PERFECT gift for the biker in your family, as it contains some of all of these great cleaning products PLUS Plexi-Brite, Bike Dry Chamois, and Bike Dry Jumbo Polishing Towels.



-> Bike Brite 32 oz. Spray Cleaner- Bike Brite's fantastic triple action formula washes, cleans and degreases from headlight to taillight! Specially formulated for motorcycles and motorbikes, Bike Brite has been recommended and approved by leading motorcycle manufacturers. Biodegradable, non-acid, pH controlled and containing corrosion inhibitors. Special brighteners help keep rust and grease from forming. Just spray it on and hose it off.** What could be easier?
** As with any cleaner, road film from riding on wet roads and dirt may need to be wiped with hand or rag while rinsing, depending on buildup. In severe cases, water spots can develop as a result of hard water in your locale. Towel drying may be required to minimize water spotting in cases of hard water. - $11.95  

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-> Bike Brite Cleaner 64oz. Refill- Cost effective refill for Bike Brite Spray Cleaner above - $18.95  
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-> 14 oz. Spray Helmet Liner Freshener- Cleaner and deodorizer for helmet liners. Helmet Liner Refreshener cleans, freshens and deodorizes all foam helmet liners. Just spray and wipe dry. - $1  
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-> MotoBlack Power Coat and Engine Black Revitilizer- Moto-Black cleans, shines and protects black wrinkled and powder coated engine parts. Great for black engine fins, inter-primaries, break calipers, wheel rims and frames. Moto Black brings back that black factory look to your powder coated parts and accessories. - $  
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-> 8 oz. MotoGlaze UV Protectant and Cleaner for Painted Surfaces- Moto Glaze is the ultimate protectant against ultra-violet sun rays, humidity, boiling hot sun, freezing, salt and grime. Moto Glaze cannot be impregnated. Guards against acid rain. Moto Glaze is heat resistant and protects your glazed surfaces that are in close proximity of hot engine parts. Oxidation, exhaust and road film easily removed. Can be used on all clear coats and on chrome. - $8.95  
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-> Motokit Complete Detailing Kit- The ultimate detailing kit for your motorcycle. Contains 6 of your favorite Bike Brite Products. Great for holiday gifts and special occasions. Contains: Spray Wash, Plexi-Brite, Moto Glaze, Moto Black, Bike Dry Chamois, Bike Dry Jumbo Polishing Towels - $DISCONTIN  
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Novus Plastic Cleaners and Scratch Removers

Novus Plastic Cleaners and Scratch Removers - Novus is known the world over in the plastics industry for their plastic renewal products. By using a few simple techniques along with NOVUS No.1, No.2 & No.3, you can actually add life to plastic and keep it looking like new. Best of all, you don't have to be a pro to get professional results! Novus is recommended for use on Recommended for Use on: Plexiglas, Lexan, Lucite, Uvex, Acrylite, and most other colorized or clear plastics (not painted plastics).

-> Novus #1 Plastic Cleaner and Polish - Note: If the surface is extremely dirty, apply NOVUS No.1 liberally and wipe using long, sweeping strokes. Do not use pressure at this time or large dirt particles may scratch the plastic. Re-apply NOVUS No.1 Polish using short, circular strokes with a clean portion of the cloth. When surface is thoroughly clean and uniformly covered, buff to a slippery glaze with a clean portion of the cloth. Surfaces buffed to a high glaze are more resistant to dust and future scratching. Reapply NOVUS No.1 regularly to maintain the anti static, smudge and scratch resistant properties. - $4.95  
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-> Novus #2 Scratch Remover - Note: NOVUS NO. 2 Removes Fine Scratches from Most Plastics. Observe condition of the surface to be treated. The deeper the scratches, the greater the pressure required to remove them. If the surface is dirty, clean with NOVUS No.1 before applying NOVUS No.2. Shake well, Test in an inconspicuous area. Apply NOVUS No. 2 liberally. Using a clean, soft cloth, polish with a firm back-and-forth motion at right angles to the scratches. Keep the cloth saturated with polish at all times. When the worst scratches have been polished out, reapply NOVUS No.2 uniformly in a circular motion to the entire surface using short, circular strokes and light pressure. Allow to dry to a light haze. Using a clean portion of the cloth, buff the surface to a slippery glaze using firm, short strokes. This procedure is imperative in achieving the best results. For heavy scratches, multiple applications of NOVUS No.2 or an application of NOVUS No.3 may be required. Follow with NOVUS No.1 for best results. - $6.95  
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-> Novus #3 Heavy Duty Scratch Remover - Note: NOVUS No.3 Removes Heavy Scratches from Most Acrylics. Remove surface dirt and dust with NOVUS No.1. Shake well. Test in an inconspicuous area. Apply NOVUS No.3 liberally. Using a clean, soft cloth, polish with a firm back-and-forth motion at right angles to the scratches. Keep the cloth saturated with polish at all times. Continue polishing until only fine scratches remain. Using cloth, remove all remaining polish, this is very important! Using a clean cloth, apply NOVUS No.2 in a circular motion uniformly to entire surface. Polish using light pressure until NOVUS No.2 dries to a light haze. Using a clean portion of the cloth, buff the surface clean. Follow with NOVUS No.1 for best results. - $7.95  
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Leather Dressing and Conditioner

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Leather Conditioners and Cleaners - These are the products used by the Scootworkers on our own motorcycles, as well as in our motorcycle shop. We've tried many different cleaners and conditioners over the years, and these have come to the top of the heap as being the best we've found!

-> #3102 Saddlemen Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - This spray on, wipe off leather cleaner is perfect to keep your bags and saddle looking new. Apply to dirty leather for cleaning, especially right after a fresh bike wash. We use this product for cleaning and protection in the short term and for a quick 'touch up'. - $19.95  

-> #HEP-100 Leather Dressing and Conditioner - Manufactured by 'High End' for their own leather products, this stuff emulates the 'Saddle Soap' paste protectant and revitalizer sold by Harley-Davidson. For years, the H-D stuff is what we found to be the best for restoring dry and cracking leather...until we happened across this product. This is less expensive, and our leather retains a fresh glossy black finish for longer, even after riding through rains and multiple wash jobs. Especially good for application to your leather while your bike is in winter storage or parked for extended periods of time. We use this product for cleaning and revitilation of leather in the long term. - $10.95