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PhatRisers for Triumph & Riser Accessories

What is the difference between MicroPolished and Chrome Plated PhatRisers™ ?? Read this FIRST before you buy... could save you some money! Our micro-polished PhatRisers rival chrome in looks, and far outlasts chrome on aluminum billet. For many years, we only manufactured these in micro-polish, and would often receive messages from customers like "what a beautiful chrome finish", "I can't tell the difference between your micro-polish and my chrome parts", etc. Micro-polish has a mirror polish without the microscopic crevices that detract from reflectivity of typical polished aluminum. Since it's not a plating like chrome, it'll never chip or peel. It is also less expensive to you as a purchased item. Chrome _never_ has an infinite life when applied over aluminum (as opposed to steel parts), like on risers, wheels, levers, etc.

Polished, Black, and Flamed Pull Back Risers

PhatRisers™ w/hardware

Measurement of PhatRisers

Flamed PhatRisers™

NEWEST!!! PhatRisers III™

PhatRisers™ by Scootworks- Put your hands and shoulders in a more comfortable location by raising the bars 1.5" and putting your grip point 2" closer to you in most applications. Typically works with original cables/hoses, but may require you to reroute them behind the triple tree in some applications. They come with their own upper handlebar clamps for mounting, and do not require any drilling of the triple trees.

NOTE** The PhatRiser 1X raises the bars approximately 2", and pulls them back 2" in most applications. These handlebar risers were created especially for bikes with a FLAT triple tree top. These also eliminate the rubber mount for a more firm and comfortable feel. A base dimension of 1-5/8" x 1-1/2" covers the depression in most flat top trees equipped with rubber bushings, and provides most support/contact area than the OEM risers.

Check out these pics of the new Flamed Phatrisers™ (these pics were taken while still sealed in plastic):   (photo)   (photo)

CNC machined from T6 6061 billet, and hand micro-polished to a beautiful mirror finish by Scootworks. Our POLISHED risers will _NEVER_ blister, peel, or rust (one of the benefits of polished billet)...we guarantee it!!! All hardware is included to mount the risers to your bike, and to attach the handlebars.   CAD designed, FEPro tested, and CNC machined from T6 (6061) billet to Scootworks' strict specifications. A beautifully simple design, yet extremely robust...weighing in at over 1.35 pounds each. Starting at $119.95, these heavy-duty custom built billet risers & hardware are the best deal on the planet! Pricing for the standard PhatRisers is: $119.95 (micropolished), $119.95 (black), $159.95 (Flames)

-> Scootworks' PhatRisers™ -

PhatRisers II™ by Scootworks- Now also available in BLACK!! - These handlebar risers were created for more 'vertically challenged' riders. Raises the bars 2.5" and pulls your grips back 3" closer to you in most applications. Typically works with original cables/hoses, but requires you to reroute them behind the triple tree in some applications. PERFECT for riders with short arms or being 5'5" or shorter. Weighing in at over 1.6 lbs each, these hefty risers come with the same great features as our PhatRisers™ above! Pricing is: $129.95 (micropolished), $129.95 ( black), $164.95 (Flames)

Check out these pics of the new Flamed Phatrisers-II™ (these pics were taken while still sealed in plastic):   (photo)   (photo)

-> Scootworks' PhatRisers II™ -

!!NEW!! PhatRisers III™ by Scootworks Now also available in BLACK!!- These handlebar risers were originally created for folks who wanted to run a broomstick bar, then everyone else wanted them! For all applications we recommend 4" over length cables and hoses. These risers are the biggest, fattest risers we manufacture in the PhatRiser product line. Weighing in at 2 lbs. per riser, these babies are PHAT! These risers are the equivalent of an 8" x 1.25" riser, being 2 3/4" taller than our PhatRiser II's. Check out these additional pics: (photo 1)   (photo 2)   (photo 3)   (photo 4)     Pricing is: $144.95 (micropolished), $144.95 ( black), $154.95 (FLAMED)

-> Scootworks' PhatRisers III™ -  


Handlebar/Riser Adapter Studs

Handlebar/Riser Adapter Studs-

These Adapter Studs are designed to screw into the bottom of any H-D/American Riser or drag T-bar assembly to adapt them to the 10mm bores used on most Triumph models. They are custom machined & hardened. Sold in pairs.

-> SWH-001 Coarse thread (most common), 1/2"-13 x m10-1.25 $17.95 (pair)  

-> SWH-002 Fine Thread, 1/2"-20 x m10-1.25 $17.95 (pair)  


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