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Custom Wheels

Custom Wheels from Scootworks for Harley Davidson & Select Metric Cruisers

Manufactured on a Haas 4th axis machine

A high density foam mockup machined, prior to milling metal

5 Spoke 21" Front, after mockup and fab

16" Bat Wing Wheel, Chrome

Spiderweb Rear Wheel, raw

Spiderweb Front Wheel, black chrome

Batman Wheel Detail, raw

Diamondz Wheel in construction

'Phlame' design, rear wheel w/3D Art

'Phlame' design, front wheel w/3D Art

Custom Motorcycle Wheels from Scootworks - Give your bike a custom touch by installing new billet wheels from Scootworks. These bolt-on wheels will install directly on your motorcycle without the need for wheel adapters, custom hydraulics, new final drive, etc.

**NOTE** - Before reading any further, realize that these are -CUSTOM- wheels, meaning that they are sometimes built to order. These are a _very_ low volume accessory, and as such, we don't manufacture and retain most of these as standard inventory. You may want to call and ask if we have the particular model you want in stock (we constantly build and warehouse these items), and what typical delivery time is at the moment. Machine shop and chrome shop load varies from week to week, so this is the only way to be reasonably accurate with delivery times.

For cruisers with 15" or 16" rear tires, we're offering a solid dish wheel for the rear in 16", and 18" rear wheel as a solid or with artwork. The 18" rear wheels can be used with commonly found low profile tires to keep the overall height of the motorcycle the same as with the OEM rims, while providing a much larger surface to place artwork (and allow wider tires!). For bikes with 19" front wheels, we offer the 19" replacement as well as a 21" version. This allows for the optical illusion of the front of the bike being more 'chopped' and larger in appearance. A 21" wheel is easily fitted on bikes with a simple front fender bracket modification (some bikes don't event require this!).

**NOTE** - These custom wheels require a new brake rotor. We used the H-D brake rotor pattern in the design, to keep the hub size as small and clean as possible (some OEM rotors have a HUGE hub to attach to...). You can use any H-D rotor of the correct diameter, or you can buy a rotor from us to fit your wheel.

Features of the Scootworks Custom Wheels -
    - Uses tube or tubeless tires.
    - Uses all original hardware...axles, spacers, etc.
    - New bearings, preload spacers, drive cush (rear), installed
    - Available in chrome or polished aluminum billet.
    - Several Styles Available
    - We can use your art to provide true custom wheels for your bike.
    - Strong and durable!
    - Easily installed by most any motorcycle shop.
    - Requires NO modifications to your bike!
    - CAD designed, CNC manufactured in North Carolina!

Photos of Scootworks Custom Wheels, Designs In Development, and Installed Wheels -
- 21" Spiderweb Front Wheel in black chrome: Photo
- 18" Spiderweb Rear Wheel: Photo
- 18" Spiderweb Rear Wheel in black chrome: Photo
- 18" Batman Front Wheel: Photo Photo Photo
- 3 Spoke Blade 21" Front: Photo
- 3 Spoke Blade 18" Rear Wheel: Photo
- Tribal 21" Front: Photo
- Tribal 18" Rear Wheel: Photo
- 5 Spoke Blade Design machined in plastic mockup: Photo
- 5 Spoke Blade 21" Front Wheel: Photo Photo
- 5 Spoke Blade 18" Rear Wheel: Photo Photo
- Diamondz 21" Front Wheel: Photo
- Iron Cross 21" Front Wheel: Photo Photo
- Iron Cross 18" Rear Wheel: Photo
- 10 Spoke Radial 16" Front Wheel: Photo Photo
- 10 Spoke Radial 21" Front Wheel: Photo Photo
- 10 Spoke Radial 16" Rear Wheel: Photo
- Iron Cross 3D Prototype in CAD: Photo
- Early Yamaha Logo Prototype in CAD: Photo
- Vulcan 800A w/Phlame Design wheels: slideshow
- Vulcan 800 18" Rear Wheel in Phlame Design: Photo Photo
- Vulcan 800 21" Front Wheel/rotor in Phlame Design: Photo Photo
- 21" Solid Dish Front Wheel: Photo
- 18" Solid Dish Rear Wheel: Photo Photo

Brake Rotors for Scootworks Wheels

Beautifully polished standard brake rotors for all Scootworks wheels -> - $160.00  
BUY Standard Polished Rotor  

Kawasaki Rear Wheels for Drum Brake Models On Kawasaki Vulcan 800 A & Classic, these wheels allow for the upfit (from the OEM 140-series rear tire) up to a 180 series rear tire without any frame mods. Add some serious rubber to the rear of your beast! See a Vulcan 800A with 18" Phlame Design wheels in this slideshow. NOTE** - There is a $125 trade-in available for the center hub/brake drum of your original wheel (used in our manufacturing process), to help lower the cost of your new Scootworks Rear Wheel on the Vulcan 800!

10 Spoke Radial, polished

Chrome Diamondz wheels on a VN800A

Wheel stock in process

Contact for quoting pricing on our custom wheels for your cruiser. Thanks!