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Scootworks' Winter Products

Heated Apparel

Heated Apparel - Stay warm on your ride this cold season with our top quality brand name heated apparel. Heated vests, chaps, coats, gloves, insoles, and boots will give you the extra warmth you need on those chilly rides! You can find links to these here, and on all motorcycle brand and apparel pages.



Gloves - You gotta keep them fingers warm while your riding in the winter. Check out our selectioin of gloves on our Gloves Page. We have all types and sizes from leather to deer skin, thin to thick, and small to x-large.

-> Visit the glove page -
Gloves Page



Coats and Jackets - We have all types of coats and jackets for men and women. Brands like Biker's Dream Apparel, Hot Leathers, Icon, Arlen Ness, and more. Check out our coats and jackets on our Coats Page.

-> Visit the Coats page -
Coats Page


Winter Riding Suits

Winter Riding Suits - Heavily insulated, these riding suits are worn by the Scootworkers in the coldest of weather, for long enjoyable day-rides in the winter months! These Thermo 1-Piece Suits are 100% waterproof, 210 denier Hypertex™ construction, and just what the doctor ordered for winter riding! Check out our selection of Thermo-Suits on our Winter Riding Gear Page. We have sizes from small to 2x-large.

-> Visit the Winter Riding Gear page -
Winter Riding Gear Page


Riding Chaps

Riding Chaps - Heavy leather chaps are perfect to slip over your riding pants, to keep the cutting wind out! Check out our selection of Riding Chaps on our Riding Chaps Page. We have sizes from small to 6x-large.

-> Visit the Riding Chaps page -
Riding Chaps Page


Rain Gators

Rain Gators - The last thing you need is wet clothes when your riding in the Winter. Check out our Rain Gators and other Rain Gear on our Rain Gear Page. The design makes them very easy to put on and take off, and perfect for protection against that nasty spray from wet roads. You'll also see more rain gear to keep you completely dry.

-> Visit the Rain Gear page -
Rain Gators on the Rain Gear Page


Riding Goggles

Riding Goggles - Does the cold winter air cause your eyes to water and burn? We've got your fix!! Check out our selection of Riding Goggles on our Riding Goggles Page.

-> Visit the Riding Goggles page -
Riding Goggles Page



Anti-Fog Products for your helmet face shield - It's definitely good to wear a full helmet with a face shield in the winter, but don't you hate when it fogs up and you can't see anything? Well check out our Anti-Fog Products on our Helmets Page.

-> Visit the Helmets page -
Helmets Page


Headgear, Wraps, and Scarves

Headgear, Wraps, and Scarves - We have the perfect wrap for your head, this winter! These items compliment your winter riding gear, slip around your neck, under your helmet, etc. Check out our selection of Headgear, Wraps, and Scarves on our Headgear Page.

-> Visit the Headgear page -
Headgear, Wraps, and Scarves Page


Hot Beverage Holders

Hot Beverage Holders - Carry your hot beverage along on the ride this winter with our insulated Extreme Mug set. These are universal fitment, come in two sizes, and easy to install on your bike. Check out our selection of Hot Beverage Holders on our Hot Beverage Holders Page.

-> Visit the Hot Beverage Holders page -
Hot Beverage Holders Page


Heated Grips

Heated Handlebar Grips! - Yep, you can now have heated handlebar grips on almost any motorcycle, and at a fraction of the cost once required for this neat accessory. We have universal fit heated grips for motorcycles with 7/8" or 1" diameter handlebars. These come with the controller, wiring, and instructions! Check out our selection of Heated Grips on our Heated Handlebar Grips Page.

-> Visit the Heated Grips page -
Heated Grips Page


Crashbar Chaps

Crashbar Chaps to block the wind! - These awesome accessories easily slip onto your crashbar, blocking the wind from your legs and forcing warm engine heat up and around the driver and rider. Simply put, they are one of the easiest ways to keep warmer on your bike during the winter months! Check out our selection of Crashbar Chaps on our Crashbar Chaps Page.

-> Visit the Crashbar Chaps page -
Crashbar Chaps Page


Wind Protection For Your Bike!


Windshields, Lowers, Hand Deflectors and Polar Hands -
If you want to keep that cold winter wind off of you, we have all sizes of windshields, both clear and tinted. Click the links below to see parts for your specific bike. While you're there, check out our clear and tinted lowers, hand deflectors, and the nifty little 'Polar Hands'. Stay warm this winter with goodies from Scootworks!

-> Honda Wind Protection Catalog -
Windshields   Windshield Lowers   Deflectors   Handlebar Chaps  
-> Kawasaki Wind Protection Catalog -
Windshields   Windshield Lowers   Deflectors   Handlebar Chaps  
-> Suzuki Wind Protection Catalog -
Windshields   Windshield Lowers   Deflectors   Handlebar Chaps  
-> Yamaha Wind Protection Catalog -
Windshields   Windshield Lowers   Deflectors   Handlebar Chaps  
-> American Bike Wind Protection Catalog -
Windshields   Windshield Lowers   Handlebar Chaps  


Christmas Products

Christmas Products - Every biker needs biker novelty items during the christmas season. Check out our selection of biker ornaments, statues, and more on our Christmas Page.

-> Visit the Christmas page -
Christmas Page