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On the Lift!

Here's a look at the most current custom build underway. You can see more of our builds that are also in process, at the bottom of the page, below the completed builds.

NinjaChop... A Ninja-Powered LongBike

This bike is currently under construction in our shop. We're taking a 100+ hp Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6, mixing in a bit of old and new school chopper, and tossing in lots of one-off parts in this 'ground-up' build. Click the image on the left to see the build slideshow.

Pimp Juice... A '71 Triumph 750 Triple Bobber

This is an old skool bobber currently under construction in the shop. The bikes used for this project, came to us as a TOTAL basket cases. We're building this with mostly era correct parts, most from 1968 through 1971. Lots of work is underway, and it's gonna be a truely pimpin' scoot! **Note - Work in progress...

Some of our Top Bikes & Customizing Projects that are completed.

Our custom shop builds and customizes bikes... -LOTS- of bikes. Check out a few of our custom jobs here! You can also see projects currently underway in the last section, near the bottom of this page.

Old No.7 - A Vulcan 1500 Powered Jack Daniel's Tribute Bike

This slideshow is of a dropseat project, utilizing a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 engine in a 9' long modified 300 rigid frame. It has a FAT rear tire on custom wheels, a L-O-W 21" saddle height, low slung split fuel tanks, a tricked-out VN1500 engine, and more. Click the image on the left and follow along on this build.

JD won 1st Place in Chopper/Bobber cat at Locked & Loaded Fall 2011 bike show, 1st Place in Chopper at Angier Bikefest 2012, 1st Place in Metric Custom at Aversboro Bike Show 2012, Best in Class at the Capital City Bike Fest 2012, Most Radical & Best Accessories at the Locked & Loaded Fall 2012 Bike show.

Honda Chop - A Honda 750 Chopper Project

This was a fun project, and even more fun to ride when it was finished. This custom chopper has a heart of the popular Honda of the most chopped bikes of all time. This bike sports lots of neat features like an early original hand-built Jesse James fuel tank, a custom oil tank that wraps around the drive chain, a hidden fuse panel with magnetic closure, and more. Click the pic to check out the build of this bike!

Bones - A Kawasaki VN800A

This bike was a long term project, with no initial direction. A lot of ideas were tossed around and tested... some were kept, some hit the trash bin. There have been lots of cool custom parts fabricated in-house for this bike, so click the image on the left to follow along with us on this journey and check out the features of 'Bones'!

Bones won 1st Place in the 'Best Bikes of the Triangle' contest on 96 Rock in 2010. You can see this info in the [Media/Press] section on the front page of It has also won 'Best Custom Bike' at the Nov 2010 Locked & Loaded car & bike show, 2nd place in Metric Cruiser at Angier Bikefest 2012, 1st Place in Metric Cruiser & 2nd PLace in Metric Custom at Aversboro Bike Show 2012, 1st Place Metric Cruiser at 2012 Capital City Bike Fest.

LowLife - Phase II

This slideshow shows the updates to the LowLife build found farther down this page. Be sure to look at it first, to see the initial build of this bike. Here, a year later, Jon decided to update the look of this bike a bit. Check it out by clicking the pic on the left...

LowLife won 3rd place in it's class at the Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show in Daytona, February 27, 2010. It won 2nd place in Best Customs category _AND_ 'Amy's Pick' at the November 2010 show at Locked and Loaded!

FlatOut - Phase II

This is more cool stuff about a bike that we built last year (2009). Dustin decided to take it a bit further, loose a little more chrome, and add some more cool goodies and mods. Be sure to view the initial build slideshow further down this page, to see all of the neat tricks applied to this bike. Click the pic on the left to check out the latest changes to 'FlatOut'!

Update: FlatOut won 1st place in it's class at the Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show in Daytona, February 27, 2010!

Ultra-X : A VTX-1300 Semi-Touring Project

This VTX-1300 Retro underwent a bit of surgery to implant a touch of "Bagger Flair" to it's styling. A full fairing, radio/CD player & sound system, full paint job, and other goodies brought this beauty to life! Click the pic on the left to see this project as it came together.

Belted 'Busa - A monster Sport Bike Belt Drive Project!

The Suzuki Hayabusa was the perfect proving grounds for the MondoDrive technology we've been developing for over 3 years. This isn't one of our full-up builds, but rather the development and custom fabrication of a brute force belt drive for one of the most powerful production bikes on the road. Tune in and watch how the latest developments from Scootworks are revolutionizing our entire belt drive product line. Click HERE to see a short video of the Hayabusa MondoDrive Burnout!

Pavo & Pearls... A V-Star 1100 Makeover

This is a sexy bike customization for lady rider. Originally customized by it's previous owner, Cheri wanted to rework this sweet bike with her own ideas. Check it out!

FlatOut... A 2008 V-Star 1100 Custom

New meets Old in this cool project. This beauty began as a bone stock '08 V-Star 1100 Custom. The owner wanted to push it in a different direction... Ideas began to solidify, and this was the end result. Modern technology with old school looks, loads of matte finish on parts, custom built trees, a brand new 'soft-touch' paint system, and lots more. Check out the killer transformation that became known around the shop as 'FlatOut'!

LoRidr... The Vulcan 800 That Started It All!

This was our first heavy customization, back in 1999. We never put a slideshow of it on the site, but thought it was WAY past time to honor it here. It was built at a time when almost NOTHING existed for metric cruisers...we had to modify lots of parts for fitment, and completely design many things like custom wheel adapters, rear brake pedal, disk brake conversion, a belt drive conversion system, suspension parts, and much more. Now, many years later, it's as beautiful as it ever was. It's a regular rider, with over 70,000 miles on the clock and still running strong. Click the pic and check out some photos of this machine.

It has graced the pages of 3 magazines: V-Twin (where it had a centerfold spread!), Motorcycle Cruiser, and The Insider. It has also won a stack of trophies over the years to include: [Best of Show; Ron Ayers Motorsports, Greenville NC, 2001], [1st Place; Category: Middleweight Cruiser; Ron Ayers Motorsports, Greenville NC, 2001], [1st Place; Category: Cruiser; Iron Eagles Poker Run and Bike Show, Zebulon NC, 2001], [1st Place; Category: Metric Cruiser; Hooters/Full Throttle Bike Show, Raleigh NC, 2001], and [1st Place; Category: Cruiser; Iron Eagles Poker Run and Bike Show, Zebulon NC, 2002].

UltraStar: The Birth of a Roadstar Touring Machine

This slideshow spotlights the transformation of a Yamaha Roadstar into a full-blown touring machine. Click the photo to check out the slideshow of the UltraStar!

FireCart: A Customized EZ-GO

This slideshow spotlights the customization of an EZ-GO Club Car. We sometimes customize things other than bikes, and here is a cool example. Click the photo to check out the slideshow of the FireCart!

Classy-V: A VTX-Retro Customization

This slideshow spotlights the customization of a Honda VTX-1300 Retro. From basic black to a classic cruiser, this bike is one smooth customer. Click the photo to check out the slideshow on this Classy V!

LowLife - A Stretched & Slammed V-Star Classic

This slideshow spotlights the conversion of an everyday V-Star Classic to a stretched and slammed V-Star with a personality all it's own! Lots of chrome, a blend of old school pinstriping and custom paint, a wicked custom rear fender, and more. Click the pic to check out the slideshow on this smooth machine! NOTE*** Be sure to watch 'LowLife - Phase II' above after you view this build!

Kleen - A Lean & Mean Honda VT-1100 Build

This slideshow spotlights the total transformation of a 2002 Honda Vt-1100 Spirit. While the Spirit already has loads of great looks, our customer had a few ideas of his own he wanted to add. A little chopping here, some new metal there, a bit of cleaning in a few areas, and some unique pieces make this Spirit stand out in the crowd! Click the pic to check out the slideshow on this cool build!

OldSkool - A Vulcan 800 Bobber

This slideshow spotlights the old school build of a modern Kawasaki Vulcan cruiser. Slip back to the look of yester-year in this build. Click the pic to check out this clean and simple machine as it comes to life!

VLX_Chop - A cool VLX-600 Long-Bike!

This slideshow spotlights a VLX-600 Longbike released from the Scootworks Custom Shop on April 26, 2008. This bike is 99" long and sports many hand-built custom parts. Click the pic to follow along with us on a photo shoot of this low and mean VT-600 Custom!

High Plains Drifter - A Drifter Customizaton Project

This slideshow spotlights a Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter, customized to pay tribute to the Indian Motorcycle. Many Indian touches were added, while keeping the lines of this beautiful Kawasaki drifter. Click the picture to check out this Drifter transformation.

Diamondz - A Customized Kawasaki Vulcan 800A

This slideshow spotlights a cleanly customized Kawasaki Vulcan 800A. It features a set of custom wheels with 3-D artwork designed by Tim (the owner), with loads of mods and attention paid to detail. Click the picture to have a look at this awesome daily rider.

VLXtreme - A totally tricked VT-600

This slideshow spotlights phase 1 and 2 of a Honda VLX 600's Customization. Custom wheels, rear disc brakes, lowering, belt drive, LED signal and rear lighting, VTX headlight mod, new bodywork, digital instrumentation, performance work, saddle mods, bars, controls, and more. You've GOTTA click the pic to learn more about this trick VLX!

Cruiser - An accessorized Vulcan 500

This is a new (4 miles!) Vulcan 500 owned by Scootworks. We bought this bike to show parts, and test fitment of some new accessories. We're now finished with it, and have left it dressed with over $2200 in goodies. Click the pic on the left to check out the accessories on a Vulcan 500, an often overlooked machine by many accessory manufacturers!

RakedAce - A Chopped '98 Honda 750 Ace

This 1998 Honda 750 Ace has undergone some heavy surgery and a serious facelift. The owner loved his bike, and wanted to transform it into a comfortable modern-day semi-chopper. Click the pic on the left to check out the medical procedures it received at the Scootworks General Hospital division of SMC.

'Giddy Up'

This is a Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom. The bike came to us as a wreck with a goodly amount of body damage, though the bike was in good mechanical condition. The customer had been itching to dress it up a bit, so he brought his ideas to the table and we ran with them. Click the pic on the left to check out the slideshow of this customization project.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer started life as a red, bone-stock VTX1300C. We originally built a Hypercharger mount and airbox for it, before any were available for this model. Soon, the owner began putting ideas together to personalize his bike, and Dragon Slayer was born. Click the pic on the left to follow along on the build of this unique whip!

Cheri's '1SWTACE' (One Sweet Ace!)

This is a '98 Honda 750 Ace Deluxe with several custom and prototype Scootworks parts. We've been working with Cheri for some time, adding accessories and such, and recently laid on a cool new paint job. Click the picture on the left to check out Cheri's classic Ace styling and all of it's neat chrome and custom goodies!

RawHide - A Totally Tricked '96 VN800A

This is a locally owned and riden Vulcan 800A. Bryan is an old Sportbike rider, and his desire for a sleek bike and performance shines through in his cruiser. Bryan started personalizing this bike several years ago, and it's always a 'work in progress'. . Click the picture on the left to follow along on it's current condition, see some cool Scootworks prototypes, and check out all of the mods!

Bryan's 800 had a centerfold spread in Jamuary 2006 Bikers2000 Magazine. It also won several trophies at shows over the last several years including: 1st @ 2002 Two Wheel Accessories Show - Metric Cruiser, 1st @ 2003 Two Wheel Accessories Show - Metric Cruiser, 1st @ 2004 Enforcers M/C Show - Light Weight Cruiser, 1st @ 2004 Scootworks Spring Show - Middle Weight Cruiser (People's Choice), Best of Show @ 2004 Scootworks Spring Show (People's Choice), 1st @ 2005 Myrtle Beach Chopper Road Show - Metric Cruiser, 2nd @ 2006 Scootworks BikeFest - Middle Weight Cruiser (People's Choice), 1st in 2006 Cruzin' Show - Best Production Bike, 1st in 2006 Cruzin' Show - Best Chrome, 2nd @ 2008 Scootworks Summer Slam - Middle Weight Cruiser, Best Stock Class (unmodified frame) @ Locked and Loaded Nov 2010 Bike Show, and more...

'Darkness' ... A Yamaha V-Star Chopper

This project began when a local customer came in for a Hypercharger and a set of custom-built pipes... He had a vision of where he wanted to take his bike, and decided to let us help him do it. He calls his bike 'Darkness', and the name is reflected in many facets of the machine. From the mods to the paint, 'Darkness' is a very unique piece of rolling work. Click the pic to the left and follow along with us on this journey.

TouringAce - A '95 Honda Ace 1100 Touring Conversion

This is a slideshow of the transformation of a 1995 Honda Ace 1100 from a cruiser, to a touring bike. Full fairing with Radio/XM/CD, custom aux fuel tank, wider tires front and rear, tour pack, hardbag stabilizers, custom front lower cowling, wide guards w/soft lowers, stretched tank, more 'umph' from the engine department, and more are in store for this beast! Click the pic to the left and follow along on this construction project.

Volusia TailDragger - A Custom Fender Fab

Among other things, we're occasionally asked to fabricate individual components of a project. This fender build is for a customer who wanted to change the rear fender of his Volusia 800 to a TailDragger. Our supplier had dropped the particular fenders we would normally use for this, so we decided to section and widen an available part for him. We also made a bar change, new lighting, and a few other modifications... Click the pic on the left to see how we did these cool mods.

Flamin' Arrow - A Customized Honda 750 Aero

This is a local customer's bike, who wanted to give a lean look and follow a common accessory theme. We began to work with his ideas, and he decided to pull out all the stops and jump right in. Custom paint, 200 rear tire, custom lowering package, and loads of other goodies later, this was the result. Click the pic on the left to have a look at this unique Aero 750! -POSTERS-

MadDrifter a.k.a. 'Purple'- A Drifter Conversion...

This bike started out as a 2001 Kawasaki Drifter, was heavily cross-pollinated with a '99 Kawasaki Nomad, and had a few 'Vulcan Classic' parts sprinkled in for good measure. Click the picture to follow along in the build! -POSTERS-

Purple had a centerfold spread in Nov '05 Bikers2000 Magazine. It also won several trophies to include 1st place in the Chopper Road Show's Custom Bike Show in 2005, and 2nd place in the 2005 Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show at Myrtle Beach Bike Week.

Roses - A V-Star 650 Classic

'Roses' was the dream of one of our customers, and we worked with her to help bring it to life. We customized this bike for a 5'2" 'Lady Rider' from the Fayetteville NC area. This isn't a 'ground up' build, but we laid on a lot of custom touches for the owner. Click the pic to check out a few pics of this project. -POSTERS-

A VT-1100 Accident Recovery

Scootworks also repairs and rebuilds bikes after accidents take their toll. This beautiful '97 VT-1100 Spirit is an example of our work in resurrecting a Phoenix from the ashes... click the pic to follow along!

Superman - A VTX 1300C Project

This was an interesting project with spectacular results. The Superman bike has lots of color, a 4" frame stretch, all welds and flanges blended and molded, engine fins polished, braided cables and hoses, a 230-series rear tire mod, lowered suspension, modified and chromed wheels, custom saddles, loads of handmade parts and details. Click the photo to follow along with us on it's construction! -POSTERS-

A 1985 Honda VT1100 Restoration

This bike was brought to us by a customer who wanted to have it restored. It once belonged to a friend who had passed away, and it held a lot of sentimental value to the new owner. It had not run in over 10 years, was in pieces, and looked as if it were bound for the motorcycle graveyard. Click the pic to have a look at the finished project... -POSTERS-

OrangeJuice - A Vulcan 1500 Project

OrangeJuice was originally a 1996 Vulcan 1500 Classic. Yep, one of the old 4-speeds... She surely came a long, long ways from her heritage. Click the pic to the left to have a look at the various trick parts and modifications applied to this bike... among others, the first VN1500 Belt Drive in an OEM frame! -POSTERS- **NOTE** A fresh batch of pics have been uploaded to the end of this slideshow, click the pic to check them out!

VN800 Custom Driveline and Suspension

This slideshow highlights the work we did for a customer in the western part of NC. His project was well on its way when we received it. We fitted custom wheels (built custom adapters to fit American wheels), designed a hydraulic rear brake package to replace the mechanical drum brake system, and mated this with our belt drive kit. Click the pic to the left to have a look!

Custom Bikes Under Construction

Here are ongoing and growing slideshows of custom bikes currently under construction in our shop. Some of these are long-term projects used as 'filler work' when things are slow, others are builds and customizations being completed right now for customers. Check'm out!

BathTubJenny - A Totalled Honda 750 Spirit resurrection, with a twist...

This slideshow is of a build from a wrecked (totalled) Honda 750 Spirit. You'll see lots of old school touches being applied to this bike, as well as lots of scratch built parts, many hand formed components, and a crazy mix of things we had available in the shop from previous prototype experiments & jobs. Click the pic on the left to follow along! **Note - Work in progress...

RIGID-8 ... An 800cc Rigid Project

There's no question, that we love the mid-size metric powerplants found in today's bikes. We build loads of custom parts for them... This love dates all the way back to the famous Honda 750 Chops of the 70's. RIGID-8 is no exception, and should be a fiesty contender on the blacktop! This bike is available for sale, give us a call if you're interested, before someone else gets it. Click the picture on the left to follow along in it's birth... **Note - Work in progress...

Grape Juice... Another belt driven Vulcan Custom from Scootworks

Remember 'Orange Juice' from an earlier build? This is another Vulcan 1500 shaft-to-belt drive where it goes :-) After building the last one, we loved it so much that we just _HAD_ to do another! **Note - Work in progress...

Dreamin' 64... The restoration of a 1964 Honda Dream

The full restoration of an old classic... the Honda Dream. This baby came in as a basket case, and will leave with a new lease on life! **Note - Work in progress...

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