Work in Clayton on 6/8/02

On 6/8/02, more work was done at the Clayton repeater site...mostly work/upgrades to the antenna systems. The folks out at the site were Steve KD4WIW, Jay KQ4MS, Reg W4REG, Ron K4JDR, and Dave WB4IUY. I took a few pictures while up the tower, to give some of you a better feel for what things look like at 200 feet above the ground, while standing on a piece of Rohn 25 tower... Here are 10 photos for your enjoyment:

This is a shot looking down at the ground from about 190 feet. Notice KQ4MS's truck (rh side) and Ron K4JDR's truck (LH side). The white antenna is used by the new K4JDR 444.150 pl 100hz repeater, and partially shared by the W4RAL-4 145.01 packet node.

Here's a picture of the 147.39 repeater antenna mounted on the top of the tower at 200'. Boy, the sky was nice and blue!

Here's a picture, taken through the tower, of the south side of Clayton. Whew, the birds love this tower, check out the white stuff. It was EVERYWHERE!

This picture is a bit farther south, shot through the tower at a different angle. The vertical tubing in the picture is part of a low-band 3-bay array that will soon be part of the 10 meter repeater's receiver system. This should dramatically improve the repeaters ability to receive weak signals on 29.520.

This picture is of the water tower at hwy 42 and I-40's intersection...probably 10+ miles away. Visibility was pretty darn good from up there!

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