Work in Clayton on 6/8/02

Hey Ron!!!! Hehehehe....there's Ron K4JDR at the bottom of the tower, looking up to help get the alignment correct of a bracket I was working on.

Waaaaaaayyyyyyy down there are two motorcycles... They are Steve KD4WIW and Dave WB4IUY's bikes. We rode those to the job. It was such a nice day out, it was a shame to waste it by riding in a steel cage!!

Here's a picture shot across the western edge of Clayton and towards Garner. Man, it's beautiful country to view from up there!

Here, I'm looking back down at the tower crew. Wow, they sure do look to be a loonnnggggggggg ways down there! Are they really people, or just bugs??

This last picture is of the buildings in south Raleigh. I screwed the telephoto lens on for this shot, to help you see them better. The big towers on the left are channel 5 and others in the Aubern area.

After this work was done, the W4RAL-4 packet BBS node and the 444.150 pl 100 UHF repeater were returned to service. We rode out motorcycles (with KQ4MS in tow in his truck) over to Jimmy K4CMH's house to look at his tower work (to be done), and finally on to WA4MJF's shack to climb the tower and make an adjustment to the W4RAL-5 BPQ switch yagi. Twas a good day for antenna work, indeed!

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