TEARA's Y2K Field Day with WARA

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Raising the HF Tri-Bander!

In 2000, TEARA joined forces with WARA (the Wilson Amateur Radio Association) for Field Day. Teara had worked Field Day with WARA back in 1991, and had a wonderful time from set up TEARA has a repeater in the Wilson area, and some of our members are members of both clubs, so we decided to work Field Day with WARA again. WARA has access to an awesome site, located off of Forest Hills Road in front of Walmart. What better public location for a weekend event?...None! The pictue above shows the antenna raising via one of the WARA members' cranes (he owns a crane service!). Additionally, light poles in the parking lot were used to support HF dipoles.

[operations on Saturday]
Operations on 75 and 6 meters on Saturday

Once everything was up and running, the HF operations were fast and furious. Above, two of the guys are working 75 meters and 6 meters. The WARA/TEARA FD Site was operational on all bands from 80 through 2 meters, with some of the folks having HTs on 70cm for talk-in and local ragchewing. The weather was nice, though HOT, and everyone was trying to stay in the shade as much as possible.

[Antenna at Sunset]
Sunset on Saturday afternoon...the RF was still flyin'!

Saturday's operations went nicely, and operators changed up a bit throughout the day. As nightfall crept in, the overnight operators took their positions, and some of the others slipped into their tents/campers for a bit of shuteye...

[Sunday Morning Operators]
Sunday morning came, and the rigs were still running!

Above is a shot of Sunday morning, a little past 8am. The rigs were still running, and the QSO's were pouring in. The weather overnight had turned out nicely, with only a few bug bites and such to worry about :-) . This is another of the operating positions that were set up on site. Much thought was given to shade for operations, fans to keep cool, refreshments, etc.

[Derek and Mike]
Derek KE4EGM and Mike W4ZMB making contacts...

Above, Derek and Mike hammer away at the bands, making those last contacts before operations shut down for the event. Field Day is a load of fun, especially with the good friends we have in both TEARA and WARA. The event went very well, with only minimal equipment related trouble and wonderful weather!

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