NCV&F Folks [NC Vulcan & Friends]

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This is a listing of the participants in the NCV&F Group. Association with this group is open to anyone in NC, and is free. If you're interested in a NCV&F number (not required for participation, but great for bragging rights!), please send an email to Include your name, email address, location (town), and size/model/year of your bike. Also, send us any other group numbers you might have, and we'll add them to your profile.


  • 'R' appended to the end of the VRA number indicates 'RETIRED'.
  • The number, just after our VRA chapter number (13), will be your NCVulcan number. Example: Roger Sutton, listed below as VRA# 1-13-12A-1500G , would have a NCV # of 12. So, he would be VRA #1-13-12A-1500G, and NCV #12. Easy!
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1-13-1A-800B3 Dave "Tweek" Hockaday Youngsville, Video, VROC 940 WebSite
1-13-2A-1500E1 Ken "Blackheart" Opphile Vanceboro VROC 1040 No Pic!
1-13-3A-1500E1 Nancy Opphile Vanceboro VROC 1312 No Pic!
1-13-4A-800B1 Tim Richards Zebulon, VROC 1758 Slideshow
1-13-5A-1500E1 Mike "Taz" Mintz Currie, VROC 1263 Slideshow
1-13-6A-1500D2 Del "Guppy" Aylor Moyock, VROC 1548 Slideshow
1-13-7A-1500E1 James Hockaday Roanoke Rapids, VROC 2268 No Pic
1-13-8A-800B3 David "Doc" Tessari Raleigh Picture
1-13-9A-1500L1 Rick "Mutt" Herrick Raleigh, VROC 1376 Picture
1-13-10A-1500E2 Graham Horne Wendell, VROC 2292 Picture
1-13-11A-1500D2-R Stan Doremus Wendell, VROC 2293 Picture
1-13-12A-1500G1A Roger "Rabbit" Sutton Raleigh, VROC 1629 Picture
1-13-13A-800B2-R Renee' Barnes Zebulon, VROC 1801 No Pic!
1-13-14A-1500E1 Carl "HoundDawg" DeBehnke   Coming Soon! Zebulon, VROC 2294 Picture
1-13-15A-1500B1 Phil Rhodes Garner Picture
1-13-16A-800B4 Debbie "LoRidr" Hockaday Youngsville, Video, VROC 1616 WebSite
1-13-17A-1500E2-R Marty "Big Daddy" Barnes Zebulon, VROC 2653 No Pic!
1-13-18A-1500E3 Buck "VetteMan" Godwin Meadow, VROC 1557 Slideshow
1-13-19A-800B4 Susan "VetteGirl" Godwin Meadow, VROC 1558 Picture
1-13-20A-1500A12 Rick Gordon Rolesville No Pic!
1-13-21A-800B2 Dan "Meach" Stewart Calabash, VROC 758 Website!
1-13-22A-1500E1 Phil "Pjack" Jackson Fayetteville, VROC 1073 Picture
1-13-23A-1500D2 Kevin "Cowboy" Desmond Raleigh, VROC 626 Picture
1-13-24A-1500E1 Chuck "Hoover" Menzel Apex VROC 5724 No Pic!
1-13-25A-1500E1 Alan "Turtle" Brisson Bladenboro, VROC 426 Picture
1-13-26B-800B1 Amy Richards Zebulon Picture
1-13-27A-800B2 Denise "BlueAngel" Armstrong Zebulon, VROC 3294 Picture
1-13-28A-1500L2 Steve "Pusher" Vinson Zebulon, VROC 2858 WebSite
1-13-29A-800B4 Tom "Road Runner" Vinson Zebulon, VROC 2859 Picture
1-13-30A-1500D1 Sam "D" Deal Efland No Pic!
1-13-31A-800A3 Jim Tulenko Wake Forest, VROC 638 Picture
1-13-32A-750A13 Dwight "Inky Dink" Mitchell Kenly, VROC 2706 No Pic!
1-13-33A-1500G1 Jim "Grape Ape" Anderson Clayton, VROC 2807 Picture
1-13-34A-1500E2 Steve "Bubba" Lewis Apex, VROC 2829 No Pic!
1-13-35A-800B4 Laurie "Buckaroo" Lewis Apex, VROC 3374 No Pic!
1-13-36A-1500G1 Don "Trapper" Lockhart Williamston, VROC 1755 Picture
1-13-37A-800C1 Linda "Pokey" Lockhart Williamston, VROC 3407 No Pic!
1-13-38A-1500D1 Keith Jones Greensboro, VROC 81(!) Picture
1-13-39B-1500D2-R Lori Doremus Wendell Picture
1-13-40A-1500E1 Tony "Maverick" Scearce Creedmoor No Pic!
1-13-41A-1500E1 William "Bill" Ferrell Wilmington, VROC 2413 No Pic!
1-13-42A-1500G1A Robert "The Breeze" Hall Wilmington, VROC 2613 No Pic!
1-13-43A-800B4 Derek "Phoenix" Snodgress Fayetteville, VROC 2432 Picture
1-13-44A-800A4 Gene "Shagrat" Ezzell Wilson, VROC 2746 Picture
1-13-45A-800B4 Mike "My-Key" Strickland Franklinton, VROC 3348 Picture
1-13-46A-1500E1 James "The_Quiet_Man" Bryan ex-Hope Mills, VROC 3100 WebSite
1-13-47A-800A5 Jim "Gramps" Shulthiess Rockingham, VROC 300 Picture
1-13-48A-1500E2 Chris Joyner Rocky Mount, VROC 2346 No Pic!
1-13-49A-800C1 Kim "Turtle" Joyner Rocky Mount, VROC 2346 No Pic!
1-13-50A-1500L1-R (R.I.P.) Dennis "Woodstock" Stock Fayetteville, VROC 2765 Picture
1-13-51B-1500L1 Carol "Cupcake" Stock Fayetteville Picture
1-13-52A-1500G1 Dean Jeffryes Charlotte No Pic!
1-13-53B-1500G1 Paula Jeffryes Charlotte No Pic!
1-13-54A-1500E1 Ron Walters Lumberton No Pic!
1-13-55A-1500E2 Doug Walters Lumberton No Pic!
1-13-56B-1500E2 Lee Walters Lumberton No Pic!
1-13-57A-800B2 Kurtis Taylor Holly Springs, VROC 1287 Picture
1-13-58A-1500D1 Frank Brannock Archdale, VROC 1775 Picture
1-13-59A-1500A9 Susann "Babe" Irwin Garner VROC 3113, WARB #59, CMA #61641, WOW #10181, SCRC #216061, RhinoRider Plate #125 Picture
1-13-60A-800B2 Jeanette "Wag" McKenzie Rocky Mount, VROC 4837 No Pic!
1-13-61A-1500C3 Charlie Garrett Maggie Valley, VROC 1610 No Pic!
1-13-62A-800A5 Mike Thompson Jacksonville, VROC 3927 No Pic!
1-13-63A-1500G1A Tim "Chief" Pace Clayton, VROC 4733 Pic!
1-13-64A-750VT Crystal "Booper" Pace Clayton Pic!
1-13-65A-800B1 Craig "Winthro" Winter Clinton, VROC 3969 No Pic!
1-13-66A-1500G1-R Bill "Greasy Rider" Barham - retired Raleigh, VROC 3790 No Pic!
1-13-67A-800B2 Tommy "Rabbi" Willcockson Smyrna, VROC 3860 No Pic!
1-13-68A-800B5 Jim Caldwell Durham, VROC 4742 No Pic!
1-13-69B-800B5 Andie Caldwell Durham No Pic!
1-13-70A-800B5 Craig "KC" Lumley Raleigh, VROC 5128 No Pic!
1-13-71B-800B5 Amy Lumley Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-72A-800B5 Guy "Wise Guy" Ferrari Fuquay-Varina, VROC 5054 No Pic!
1-13-73A-1500A9 Dave "Vulcanman" Burgess Concord, VROC 3950 No Pic!
1-13-74A-800B5 Rick Rendt Wilmington VROC 5350 No Pic!
1-13-75A-1500E3 Steve "Skeeter Steve" Richards Salisbury, VROC 5218 No Pic!
1-13-76A-800A7 Dianne "Kawpoke" Richards Salisbury, VROC 6935 No Pic!
1-13-77A-750A15 Matt "Wraith" Pressley Raleigh, VROC 5028 No Pic!
1-13-78A-1500J1 Tim "Digger" Roeder Chino Valley (Az), VROC 1182 Website
1-13-79A-800B4 Renee "Lady Lace" Roeder Chino Valley (Az) Website
1-13-80A-1500J1 Rhonda "Cowboy's Bride" Desmond Raleigh, VROC 4914 No Pic!
1-13-81A-1500D1 Frank Brannock Archdale, VROC 1775 No Pic!
1-13-82A-1500E1 Phillip Villagomez Bladenboro, VROC 2565 No Pic!
1-13-83A-1500E2 Doug Hamrick Shelby, VROC 4575 No Pic!
1-13-84A-800B2 Cecil Halsey Charlotte, VROC 2096 No Pic!
1-13-85A-800B1 Michael "Moonpie" Spicer Charlotte, VROC 2193 No Pic!
1-13-86A-1500L1 Scott "Enforcer" Harris Eden, VROC 4994 No Pic!
1-13-87A-800A6 Lou "Big Daddy" Frickman Fuquay-Varina, VROC 5184 No Pic!
1-13-88A-1500D2 Darrell "Grateful D" Craig Greensboro, VROC 4823 No Pic!
1-13-89A-1500D1 John "CruiserAnt" Donahue Greensboro, VROC 1552 No Pic!
1-13-90A-750A10 Robert "Dingbat" Spencer Greenville, VROC 1012 No Pic!
1-13-91A-1500A7 Art "The Flash" Gentile Indian Trail, VROC 736 No Pic!
1-13-92A-1500A9 Carl "Fetz" Fetzer Matthews, VROC 5951 No Pic!
1-13-93A-800B3 Sammie Peele Marston, VROC 2007 No Pic!
1-13-94A-1500E2 Bruce Pease Morrisville, VROC 3807 No Pic!
1-13-95A-800A2 Bryan "Rawhide" Long Nashville, VROC 3780 No Pic!
1-13-96A-1500D2 Charles "Mikey" Peters Newport No Pic!
1-13-97A-1500D2 Mike "Ski" Rogowski Youngsville, VROC 1578 No Pic!
1-13-98A-1500A9 Don Clagett Winston-Salem, VROC 1163 No Pic!
1-13-99A-800B4 Jackie Clagett Winston-Salem, VROC 4084 No Pic!
1-13-100A-1500D2 John "Big John" Wall, Jr. Winston-Salem, VROC 1493 No Pic!
1-13-101A-800B4 Dale "Swordmaster" Clark Albemarle, VROC 2324 No Pic!
1-13-102A-1500G1 Ronald Fox Oak Island, VROC 5291 No Pic!
1-13-103A-1500L1 Swain "Tallsilver" Piver Conway, SCVROC 55(!!) No Pic!
1-13-104A-1500J1 Wray "Termite" Windham Concord, VROC 5266 No Pic!
1-13-105A-800B5 "TAZ" Thorpe Asheville, VROC 4912 No Pic!
1-13-106A-1500L1 John Attaway III Winston-Salem, VROC 4929 No Pic!
1-13-107A-1500A10 Dale Ostrander Burlington, VROC 876 No Pic!
1-13-108A-1500A9 Mark "Kilo" Irwin Garner, VROC 935 No Pic!
1-13-109A-1500E1 Andy "Lonedog" Carrillo Greensboro, VROC 4800 No Pic!
1-13-110A-1500E2 Dwain "Crazy D" Daniels Rockingham, VROC 5121 No Pic!
1-13-111A-800A1 Rick Mcpherson Winston-Salem VROC 4698 No Pic!
1-13-112A-1500D2 Al Taylor Greenville, VROC 3905 No Pic!
1-13-113A-1500E2 Doug Hassinger Winston-Salem No Pic!
1-13-114A-1500E3 Bill "Homie" Auch Matthews, VROC 6030 Picture
1-13-115A-1500G1A Keith Walston Wilson No Pic!
1-13-116A-800B3 Dennis "Heavy" Cobb Supply VROC 6252 No Pic!
1-13-117A-800B2 Don Gurley High Point VROC 5756 No Pic!
1-13-118A-500 Linda Sanders Winston-Salem VROC 5805 No Pic!
1-13-119A-750A11 Eric Whitfield Greenville VROC 5953 No Pic!
1-13-120A-800B4 John "Little John" Fiorentino Raleigh VROC 5774 No Pic!
1-13-121A-800A1 Steven "Panther" Weaver Four Oaks, VROC 5757 No Pic!
1-13-122A-1500E3 John "Singer" Benson Greenville, VROC 5509 No Pic!
1-13-123A-1500N2 Jim "Jamie" Smith Durham VROC 5933 No Pic!
1-13-124A-750A17 Kelly "PhishMate" Anthony Fayetteville, VROC 5669 No Pic!
1-13-125A-1500E3 Donnie "Cherokee Kawboy" Beauvois Mint Hill VROC 6590 No Pic!
1-13-126A-800B6 Dennis Jarrell Wilmington No Pic!
1-13-127A-1500G1 Randy Ellis Durham No Pic!
1-13-128A-1500E3 Preston "Pressed" Anchor Zebulon No Pic!
1-13-129A-1500N1 Fred "Fast Freddie" Parks Kannapolis VROC 5317 No Pic!
1-13-130A-1500E2 Jim Stott Fremont No Pic!
1-13-131A-800B6 Gerald "G-man" Pinkerton Wake Forest VROC 5910 No Pic!
1-13-132B-800B6 Carla "Gracie" Pinkerton Wake Forest VROC 6154 No Pic!
1-13-133A-800C1 Charles "Yogi" Bullings Statesville VROC 5925 No Pic!
1-13-134A-1500E2 Dick Worden Cary No Pic!
1-13-135A-1500E3 Stan "Steamer" Davis Goldsboro VROC 5703 No Pic!
1-13-136A-800B1 "Doc" Wilson Wilmington No Pic!
1-13-137A-1500G1 Rick Tinsley Albemarle No Pic!
1-13-138B-1500G1 Dottie Tinsley Albemarle No Pic!
1-13-139A-800B2 Alex Kapparos Southport VROC 6316 No Pic!
1-13-140B-800B4 Joshua "Grasshopper" Fiorentino Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-141A-800B6 Allen "Bushido" Thomas Jacksonville VROC 6384 No Pic!
1-13-142A-1500G1A Dan "WingMan" Bridgers Winterville VROC 5512 No Pic!
1-13-143A-800B4 Melvin Greenville No Pic!
1-13-144A-500LTD Angela Greenville No Pic!
1-13-145A-1500D2 Paul "Zeuss" Innusa Benson VROC 5746 No Pic!
1-13-146A-1500R1 John "H^pockets" O'Grady Knotts Island VROC 6567, VDOG 447 No Pic!
1-13-147A-650VT Monika "Black Rose" Fayetteville No Pic!
1-13-148A-1500D1 Paulo "Huck" Charlton High Point VROC 6679 Picture
1-13-149A-1500E4 Bill "Gator" Doyle Germanton VROC 6815 No Pic!
1-13-150A-1500D1 John "JP" Burchfield Greensboro No Pic!
1-13-151A-1500N2 Todd Loy Raleigh VROC 5695 Website!
1-13-152A-800B2 Scott Collins Harkers Island VROC 6920 No Pic!
1-13-153A-1500G1 Dan Jarvis Charlotte VROC 3916 Website!
1-13-154A-500EX-R LW Chapel Hill No Pic!
1-13-155A-800B6 Cindy Deberry Rockingham No Pic!
1-13-156A-1500N2 Nick Karasek Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-157A-800B2 Russ Allred Morrisville VROC 7173 No Pic!
1-13-158A-800A6 Chris Smith Salisbury VROC 7252, SCRC 219009 No Pic!
1-13-159A-1500L1 Brian Loy Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-160A-1500J2 Randy "Fireman" Marze More pics! Indian Trail VROC 6965, VDOG 535 Picture!
1-13-161B-1500J2 Connie Marze More pics! Indian Trail Picture!
1-13-162A-800B3 Ed Shelton Greensboro VROC 7518 No Pic!
1-13-163A-800C3 Terri "Kawgirl" Beauvois Mint Hill VROC 6590 No Pic!
1-13-164A-1500L1 Jeff Stanton King No Pic!
1-13-165B-1500L2 Martha Vinson Zebulon Website!
1-13-166B-1500E1 Jackie Menzel Apex No Pic!
1-13-167A-1500E2 Spencer Dew Rocky Mount VROC 7621 No Pic!
1-13-168A-1500L3 Kenneth Pritchard Washington VROC 7967 No Pic!
1-13-169A-800B6 Rich Gates Goldsboro VROC 8163 No Pic!
1-13-170A-1500L1 Bob "Sawgrass" Williams Clyde VROC 7479 No Pic!
1-13-171A-1500G1A John "XGMan" Wynes Etowah Website!
1-13-172A-1500D2 Jim "Zesty" Windham Grimesland VROC 7582 No Pic!
1-13-173A-1500E4 Dave Scott Concord VROC 7159 Website!
1-13-174A-1500A8 Matt "BOOMER" Sturgis Jacksonville, FLVROC 7970 Website!
1-13-175A-1500G1A Larry "PapaBear" Colvard West Jefferson SCRC 18011 No Pic!
1-13-176A-1500N2 Rahef "Boricua” Abed Lillington VROC 8719 No Pic!
1-13-177A-1500E1 Phil Welch Gastonia VROC 8817 No Pic!
1-13-178A-800B3 Keith Green Lincolnton No Pic!
1-13-179A-1500N2 John Wilson Chattanooga, TN VROC 8692 No Pic!
1-13-180A-1500 Bob Clark Holly Springs VROC 8660 No Pic!
1-13-181A-1500E5 Tony "Wiseace" Ratley Fayetteville VROC 8555 No Pic!
1-13-182A-800B6 Phillip Poplin Albemarle No Pic!
1-13-183A-800B4 Todd “Frogman” Green Bailey VROC 8600 No Pic!
1-13-184B-800B4 Lynn Green Bailey VROC 8600 No Pic!
1-13-185A-800A7 Paul Macdonald Charlotte No Pic!
1-13-186A-800B5 Anthony "Chappie" Chapman Landis VROC 8474 No Pic!
1-13-187A-800B6 Chris Gay Lincolnton VROC 8306 No Pic!
1-13-188A-800B5 Carolina Angel Wilmington No Pic!
1-13-189A-1500D2 David H. Ayers Pilot Mtn No Pic!
1-13-190A-1500N1 Tim Hight Jamestown No Pic!
1-13-191A-800B5 Billy Howerton Rich Square No Pic!
1-13-192B-800B3-R Sasha Youngsville Biker Dawg Pics Website
1-13-193A-1500L4 Shane "Buzzard" Sapp Fayetteville No Pic!
1-13-194A-650SVG Heather Sapp Fayetteville No Pic!
1-13-195A-1500L3 Bill Trecartin Raleigh VROC 10184 No Pic!
1-13-196A-1500A10 Philip Reid Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-197A-800B6 Lee Young Rockingham VROC 13032 No Pic!
1-13-198A-800B7 Shawn Futrell Goldsboro No Pic!
1-13-199A-1600A2 Tim Means Fayetteville VROC 6186 Pic!
1-13-200A-750A2 James Janssen Manteo No Pic!
1-13-201A-800A1 Jim Manwaring Hurdle Mills VROC 9075 No Pic!
1-13-202A-1500L3 Glenn Tracy Winterville No Pic!
1-13-203A-1500P1 Wayne "Streaker" Truitt Cary VROC 10059 Pic!
1-13-204A-800B7 Harold Edney Winston-Salem No Pic!
1-13-205A-1500N1 Jimmy "Dewboy" Dew Roxboro Pic!
1-13-206A-1500E3 Doug "Tarheel" Thomas Greensboro No Pic!
1-13-207A-800Vol John Trogdon Fayetteville No Pic!
1-13-208A-1500G1 Barry Shannon Kitty Hawk Pics!
1-13-209A-800B4 Perry Ball Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-210A-1500L4 Jimmy Davis Williamston No Pic!
1-13-211A-1600A1 John Dore Elkin No Pic!
1-13-212A-800B4 Mike "Chiller" Salmon Leasburg VROC 11934 No Pic!
1-13-213A-1500L2 Earl Hairr Fayetteville No Pic!
1-13-214B-1500L2 Patsy Hairr Fayetteville No Pic!
1-13-215A-1500D1 Ed "X-Ray Man" Sorzano Swansboro No Pic!
1-13-216A-1500P2 Donnie "Cruise" Boyd Zebulon No Pic!
1-13-217A-1500P1 Allen "Gat" Gates Vanceboro No Pic!
1-13-218A-1500A10 Paul Hawkins Vanceboro VROC 12242 No Pic!
1-13-219A-1500N2 Mike Langley Grimesland No Pic!
1-13-220A-800B8 Kevin Bartley Cary VROC 12860 No Pic!
1-13-221A-800B8 Craig Wegmann Waynesville VROC 11976 No Pic!
1-13-222B-800B8 Tina Wegmann Waynesville VROC 11976 Website!
1-13-223A-750A19 Vince "Uncle Gomer" Hancock Pilot Mountain VROC #10808, VN750 #190, SCRC #163069 No Pic!
1-13-224A-800B4 David "Eagle" Ragan Zebulon No Pic!
1-13-225A-1500G1 M. Anderson Suffolk, VA VROC 10888 No Pic!
1-13-226A-1500E3 David Weaver Rocky Mount No Pic!
1-13-227B-1500E3 Vicki Weaver Rocky Mount No Pic!
1-13-228A-2000 Bob Clark Holly Springs No Pic!
1-13-229A-800B8 Mimi Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-230A-800A9 Joe Cool Graham VROC 9727 Pic!
1-13-231A-1500E4 "Walker" Kings Mtn No Pic!
1-13-232A-1500N2 Steve Walker Conover No Pic!
1-13-233A-800A7 Ted Salesky Jacksonville No Pic!
1-13-234A-800A1 Dwight Sheppard Chocowinity No Pic!
1-13-235A-1600A1 Charles Mills Aurora No Pic!
1-13-236A-800B8 Chandra Dunlap Middlesex VROC 12786 No Pic!
1-13-237A-800B8 Gary "Merkdaddy" Merkle Atkinson SCRC #162180 No Pic!
1-13-238A-800B4 Todd "Farmer Todd" Bellingrath Zebulon SCRC #70020 No Pic!
1-13-239A-1500G1 Joel "Doc" Kann Raleigh SCRC #70087, VROC #9798, AMA #607152, Rolling Blunder #93, Rat Bastard #345 Website!
1-13-240A-1500A7 Rick "Hammer" Rohme Jamestown Pic!
1-13-241A-1500A9 Clay Kimrey Wake Forest Pic!
1-13-242A-1500P1 Brian Pinkham Pilot No Pic!
1-13-243A-750VT Sharon Pinkham Pilot Pic!
1-13-244A-750A20 Merle Watts Fayetteville No Pic!
1-13-245A-1500D2 Wes "Sour Ass" Miller Lenoir No Pic!
1-13-246A-1500P1 David Miller Cary No Pic!
1-13-247A-800B7 Ben Jackson Cary No Pic!
1-13-248A-1500J1 Joe Braga Charlotte No Pic!
1-13-249A-1500N4 Paul Dickerson Hillsborough No Pic!
1-13-250A-750A20 George Foster Rocky Mount No Pic!
1-13-251A-1600A2 Michael Harrelson Raleigh VROC #13532 No Pic!
1-13-252A-500 Jerry Tillman Bear Creek No Pic!
1-13-253A-1500E5 "Magnum" Brown Pilot No Pic!
1-13-254B-1500E5 "Ms.P" Brown Pilot No Pic!
1-13-255A-1500E3 Larry Mass Wilmington No Pic!
1-13-256A-800C2 Jennifer Mass Wilmington No Pic!
1-13-257A-1500P1 Mark Kot Raleigh No Pic!
1-13-258A-500A4 Carol Prater Kernersville No Pic!
1-13-259A-1600A1 Bob Cruse Ayden No Pic!

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