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My beautiful wife and soulmate since 1986...

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[bullet] Debbie is a vibrant, energetic woman I met in 1984 while I was employed as an instrument tech at Merck and Company in Wilson, NC. She is native to Wilson and Wilson County, and was involved in a major overhaul of Merck's preventive maintenance program. We became very good friends at work, and I guess you could say that one thing led to another.

[bullet] [Debbie pic 2] After a whirlwind romance, we were married in Dillon, SC in bluejeans and tennis shoes. We thought it quite fitting, considering the very casual lifestyle we enjoy. Both having been married before, our beginnings were very humble...having almost nothing but each other, we started our new life together. In retrospect,that was all that really mattered anyway.

[bullet] Debbie is a very computer literate person, and loves to 'surf' the net. She is a power user of Microsoft's Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, as well as Harvard Graphics, WordPerfect, DW4, Lotus, DBase3, CCmail, and more. She has been involved professionally in International Trade, Business Management, has worked intimately with the FDA, and was a QA Procedural Specialist with Glaxo for 7 years. After leaving Glaxo,Debbie became the Agricultural Accounts Manager of a local EMC. She is most recenly, as of this writing in 2008, the President and co-owner of Scootworks, Inc. in Zebulon NC.

[Debbie pic 3] [bullet] In addition to a busy career, Debbie was also a student at NC Wesleyan College. She started back to school in 1991, and graduated magna cum laude in 1996 with a BSBA. It took lot of patience and cooperation for her to maintain classes, as well as manage her elderly father's finances, maintain our home, look after Me, and work full-time, but she did it!

[bullet] Debbie is also an Amateur Radio operator and holds the highest class of license...the Amateur Extra class. This license requires the ability to receive morse code at 20 words (5 letter words) per minute, which is 100 letters per minute. Keep in mind that numbers and some punctuation have as many as 6 sounds each! It's pretty fast stuff. Debbie worked on morse code practice in her spare time (!!) non-stop for about 6 months to accomplish this feat. The license also requires that you pass 5 written examinations in electronics and radio theory, FCC rules and regulations, federal examination procedures, satellite communications, etc. She is active on the amateur bands, and often operates from her mobile station in her car while on the road. We also have an Amateur Radio station in our home that Debbie operates.

[bullet] Debbie is a member of, and volunteer examiner with, the Triangle East Amateur Radio Association club VE team. She has been approved by the FCC and the ARRL to administer Amateur Radio exams. She is also a member of the Franklin County Amateur Radio Club, Capital Area Repeater Association, and the ARRL. As you can see, she is quite a diverse person!

[bullet] In addition to the many things listed above, Debbie enjoys reading, bird watching, the outdoors, dancing, travel, SHOPPING, and riding her Vulcan Motorcycle. Debbie has always loved spending time with her special babies: "Sasha" and "Bridgette".

[bullet] Debbie and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas during Christmas of 1993. It was a lot of fun, but I get seasick very easily...soooo...we bought a condo in Freeport, Bahamas and now fly there when we take our vacation. We spend less time on a boat, more time where we want to be, and I don't get seasick. Here's a picture of Debbie and I when we were on our cruise. Debbie and I had lots of sun, and we "may" have had a bit of alcohol, but it was lots of fun.

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