A Simple Foam Cutter

Info on how to build a foam cutter...

[bullet] This was assembled from info provided by Chris Hockaday, of info on how to build a simple foam cutter. The solid state power supply was designed by Tom Weedon, and you can find a link to his piece below. This is a few pics on the construction of the controller, a bill of materials, and a picture of the foam cutting bow in operation. There is also an alternative power source shown in the last diagram.

[bullet] Click HERE for a listing of materials needed for the foam cutter's controller. This list is in MS Word .doc format, and can be downloaded directly from THIS LINK by right-clicking on the link, and select "save", "save as", or "save target as" (depending on your browser). The Nichrome wire used in the foam cutter can be found at Sig Manufacturing, as part #SIGSH135. The original artical for the power supply diagrams below can be found HERE, though the simple train transformer setup shown near the bottom of this page has proven itself to work just fine.

Foam Cutter in Operation!

A sample of a simple bow design. You can also see that an adjustable model train transformer can be used for power